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by - Friday, August 12, 2016

*DISCLAIMER: Product was given on the basis of a review done upon it in return. However, all opinions are true and honest. 

Heya. How have you all been? For me it's been great, I did some online shopping, and two packages have arrived so far. Just got one more to go. Ah! The joy of shopping! This post is about some review on various samples given to me by a lovely lady called Vanisha. She contacted me, and asked whether I wanted to review some samples, and in return, a blog post on them would be fine. So here I am letting you lovelies know what my opinions are on them. 

My favourite sample from them all was the purple one aka the Aloe Moisturizing Lotion. This scent of the lotion was lovely, and not too strong. And when used the lotion did such a great job, in making me hands, and feet feel soft. The lotion rubbed really well into my skin, which I really liked. It is definitely a product I would recommend because the product does exactly what the little information card say about it.

The next sample I used was Aloe Propolis Creme. This is quite thick since it's a cream, but I do have mixed feelings towards it. Yes it did the job is making my hands feel less dry, but I would totally use the lotion instead of the cream for that, simply because the lotion was easily absorbed into the skin. As well as that the scent of this cream wasn't something I would enjoy putting on it a daily basis. Although the Aloe Propolis Creme is good for irritated skin which I don't have. So although it isn't the best for me, it could really work for someone else. 

Just today I used the Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo just in time to get this post done hehe. And to be honest the shampoo was actually not bad. The fragrance was nice, and for frizzy/wavy hair of mines, it did work. Once my hair was dry the result was shown, since my hair top of my hair did feel smooth. The shampoo did add some body and strength to it which was great. But the only complaint I have was that the quantity was less, I was only able to add it to the top part of my hair. I feel like if you bought the bottle then a much more effective result would be seen.

The second last product is an Aloe Heat Lotion. This was great. I would totally use this after a day of work because that soothing and relaxing feeling that comes from after massaging the cream into your skin is lovely. The smell of the lotion is just like a medical Balm, which is normal for me, however, if you are not used to it, don't let it put you off because the result is good. 

And the final product is Forever Bright Tooth Gel. The product overall was alright. It did leave my teeth feeling nice and clean. Also there is no bad after taste, nor acidic taste which is good because sometimes they can be disgusting. However what was bot so good about it was that there wasn't much of a fresh breath after using it. One thing that you got to bear in mind is when using products light this, it's got to be used continuously to show the result. So you got to be patient.

Overall there are some products that I would totally recommend like the Moisturizing Lotion, and the Heat Lotion, whereas other products I am quite hesitant and have mixed feelings towards, although there is never any harm in trying them out. Hence if you are interested, then do contact Vanisha. I will leave the link to her Facebook account right here. Or you can also contact her by email which is, That's all for today lovelies, hope you enjoyed it!

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