London Travel Diary pt.2 | The Towns

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hiya amours! Let's straight get into the next/last day of being a tourist in London. From Upton Park station, we took the train to Camden Town. The journey was roughly 30-40 minutes if I remember, so most of the time was spent just looking at how far we were from our destination. 


The weather was a downside for the day because it was just pouring with rain. Being in Camden Town means one thing a lot of walking as well as shopping. So having dead weather like that when walking about for a good couple of hours wasn't all that because on top of that we weren't even ready for the weather. However, honestly, I still loved being in Camden Town. 


We first went to the Camden Market. At the market, we actually just went to one stall, because it was the first stall I saw with bomber jackets. I've been wanting bomber jackets since last December after wearing my dad's jacket hehe, and before the Summer holiday when I tried out outfits in Urban Outfitters, and Zara, I wanted to buy a bomber jacket even more. I found a lovely pastel blush pink jacket, and I so had my eyes on them the whole time. I just had to buy it, and ever since I've been in love with them. The owner of the stall, was Burmese so when she heard my mum talking in Burmese, she started talking to us more, and the lovely lady gave me a £5 discount off, hence I had to pay £20 for the gorgeous jacket. 

After purchasing the jacket, we walked just headed towards Camden Lock. On the way, we popped into one shop after another, since there were so many sales going on at the time. There were so many stores that sold items like fashion, beauty, technology and so much more. It was so convenient to have so many shops in one area, You just wouldn't get tired of them.


Once we entered Camden Lock, there were so many things to look at. I can truthfully without any hesitant say how amazing this place is. The various cultures you see in the area is outstanding and beautiful. So many shops were themed differently, for example, a camera-themed stall, or a store filled with lanterns.


By this time, we were really hungry so we headed downstairs to the ground floor where the food stalls were. A stall called Thai Street food as you lovelies can see below, is the one we went to. A family relative owned the stall, so my mum was definitely really happy to rekindle with her relatives again. 

Just look at the food guys, it looks so delicious, and honestly it tasted just as good. I chose a mix and match box which was for £5! (BARGAIN). And the food selections were Vegetable Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Crispy Chicken and Stir Fry Rice & Noodles. The crispy chicken was to die for. We got to try that first, and I couldn't help but have so much more. Everything was so well cooked, and filled with so much flavour. What more could you ask for!


This is how the portion was lovelies. Unfortunately, the noodles are rice are hidden hehe. 

The near that Thai Street Food stall, there are Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Dessert, Indian, and many other different ethnic cuisines. So there is something for everyone, which is really really good. 


Once we ate, we continued to look around before going back to the station and to our next destination. After being Camden Town twice, I really feel like it's a place that many tourists should visit. You get the feel of the whole hustle and bustle, as well as the feel of the various cultures. It's a place that makes you intrigued and fascinated with what you see. 

The next destination was China Town. One reason I was looking forward to this place was to see some Korean items despite it being called China Town. Asian foods were bound to be in this place. What I loved about this place was the architecture and views like always. The place is beautiful, and being a town centre that is based on another culture was lovely. 


However according to my mum, China Town has gone a bit different to how it was before in terms of the food products they have to offer, which I think I would have to agree with my mum because knowing my mum she would have done so much shopping, rather than a two bag shopping which she did on the day. Having said that, I still enjoyed going in the shops and looking at cute junk food packaging, Ramyeon, seafood, and other Asian ingredients. One thing I regret is not buying a bubble tea, because I feel it's more authentic purchasing and trying it from a place like this. 


This is what I love about travelling. The exploration of various cultures. Travelling exposes you to all these food, people, and language. Hence to truly enjoy travelling, you need to be able to love and be interested in things like that, because that is what makes the journey so much better. I so enjoyed my stay at London. Hopefully, I hope to go back again and explore other places like Notting Hill, Canary Wharf, Emirates Air Line Cable Cars, Millenium Bridge etc.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Let me know in the comments down below, which places I should visit when I do go back to London, and whether you have been to Camden and China Town too. If you liked it or not? Would love to know your thoughts and experiences. 

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