London Travel Diary pt.1 | Tourist in London

by - Friday, August 05, 2016

Asalamu'Alaikum. Hiya. Bonjour. 안녕하세요. Namaste. Hola! How have you all been? Just today I've realised how close we are to results day, which is actually nerve-wracking because well we just don't know how well we did. But until then we can enjoy the Summer remaining. I've missed typing up travel posts, and thankfully I can now give you all two travel posts. If you are a new reader then recently I travelled to London with my family for 2 days. It was definitely busy and travel worthy. Hope you all enjoy!


On Sunday evening we left Leicester to go London, and roughly about 11 we reached Upton Park and stayed at a relatives house. On Monday morning we left the house and got treated to breakfast in Taste Of India which is in East Ham. I ordered a Plain Dosa, which unfortunately I could not take a photograph of because of family around. Although it was delicious. The portion of the Dosa was quite big, which was so filling, that I couldn't have anything else like the Puri, and Uttapum. 


From there we went back to Upton Park and took the underground to Green Park. Honestly looking at the map was useless because it's so confusing, and as a person who doesn't live in London, with all the colours, lines, routes it just didn't make sense. Thankfully we were told in advance by the relatives which route to take etc. 

Once we reached Green Park, we saw the park. Alhumdulillah the weather was nice and warm at that moment, so the park just looked so much better. It is definitely huge, in comparison to the ones we have at Leicester. If I were to come back again with my park, I would totally have a picnic at Green Park, it just looks nice!


Once we walked through the park, the Buckingham Palace was in sight. Unfortunately, I don't know why it was gloomy that side but the buildings in the photographs did get slightly dark, but hey they still came out pretty decent! There's nothing much to say about the Palace, besides the fact that I love the architecture. Of course, you got loads of tourists taking photographs of themselves in front the Palace, as well as the Buckingham Palace because who wouldn't. 



From there onward, we continued to walk towards Trafalgar Square. Honestly one of the reasons why I love London because of the large amounts of great architecture. You can't help but actually love them and take photographs of them. The walk was quite long, and during that time we saw people exercising, bike riders, and more lovely buildings. 



This specific building above was really cool to see. So historic, and eye appealing. The three sections and historic typography on the building really makes it a great architecture. I don't know much about it and the meaning behind why it was built, so if anyone knows, drop it down in the comment section down below.

In Trafalgar Square, we didn't do much besides sitting on the edge of a water fountain, since the family needed a rest from the walking for a while. I took the opportunity to do what I always do and take photographs. The sights were pretty lovely. This side of the London was busy since the store were around, buses were going back and forth, and the traffic area was just crowded although I do now that's nothing in comparison to the other parts in London. 



After resting for a while, we walked to the Westminster area in London. We went past Downing Street, and the only thing my mum would say is "Why is there is a fuss over this street, it's just where the Prime Minister lives, no big deal", which honestly is true, but hey if we passed it, we passed it.  


The Big Ben came after, and around there we just stopped. My little sister and I just took photo's whilst we were there because that's the only reason we walked to there. The only thing I regret is not going around the place because I could have taken various photographs whilst being that area. Plus since I've been London before and especially seen this area, I just wanted to have a visual memory of it since I never took any photographs the other time.



From Westminster, my family and I took the underground train to South Kensington. Yeh! That's where Harrods was. I made sure to visit Harrods this time because I've never been and I really wanted to see why many people would go there. Once we did get there, I can understand why there is a hype over the place, because damn those luxury goods look so beautiful in one building. It definitely takes me back to my visit to Dubai. Harrods is definitely the place to visit to purchase High-End products however, if you were to just look around then your visit would just be over in 30 minutes. 

I loved the interior design of Harrods! It's gorgeous. The various sections of the brands were really interesting to see, but I must say this store does make you want to purchase an item. Just strolling around the different brand places itself was tempting. If anyone knows me then there was one brand section I had to visit and that was the Michael Kors. They did have it, and oh gosh! The sale! So good <3 And Insha'Allah I will definitely be able to go back and purchase something from there! There was the food section too, which was nice to see. But honestly food wise I wouldn't spend much in Harrods, and instead just go to different ones that sell the same but cheaper and still tasty. I didn't go Laduree, but that is part of my bucket list to go with my other half soon Insha'Allah <3


In terms of tourists attractions Harrods was the last place for day one, after that, we all headed back to Upton Park which was definitely an hour or less journey by train. My mum, little sister and I then spent some time on Green Street, hence some shopping took place, as well as eating street food. Green Street is your typical Indian area, filled with Indian snacks, street shops, dress shops and much more. So if you are looking for low priced items, sales, anything related to Indian, then this is the area. 


And amours that is the end of day one of being a tourist in London. There will be a day two aka the last day, and a shopping post coming up soon. Let me know how you found the post, hope you lovelies enjoyed it <3

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