Does It Even Make Sense?

by - Thursday, August 25, 2016

Firstly what is a Burkini? Please elaborate on that? Is a diving suit a Burkini, because as far as I can see they are both the same thing. Head covered? Check. Arm, legs, body covered? Check. So are you basically banning diving suits/fully covered swimwear? If not then what are you banning? You, French Politics, talk about freedom, by doing actions like showing unity in defence of freedom of expression yet you are the ones bringing such laws against such things that have no reason to be banned in the first place because there is no logic to it. You want to ban the Burqa's first, and now the Burkini. 

Put yourself in our shoes as women no matter what race, culture or religion, and imagine going to the beach fully covered because of any reasons like you feel less confident about your body, or skin reactions. Now imagine being told by a police officer to take your clothing off because you are too covered up. How does it make you feel, humiliated? Ashamed? Why? You don't have to, but you do. And if you don't feel anything like that then how about you get your emotions checked up because something like that is humiliating no matter what gender you are. If that was your wife, mum, grandmom, sister, daughter, how would you feel? It's about humanity! You can let it happen to someone else but not someone close to you. How does that make any sense?

The question I now ask is if a male wore a "Burkini", or a Nun went to the beach in a "Burkini" what would you do? Would there be a fine? Would there be a situation, where you go up to them and ask them to take their clothing off, just like it happened in Nice? Either way, no matter what situation, or who the person is, whether they are Black, White, Sikh, Christian, Muslim, such actions like banning the Burkini should not be introduced. Some people even say that this is one side of the same coin because on the other side Muslim women are oppressed to cover themselves up. I don't know where that mentality comes from, but it is so disgusting to see how many people generalise information like this, and just keep on spreading it. There are those minorities but Muslim women are not oppressed, yes it is mentioned in the Holy Quran that they should cover themselves up, but whether they follow it or not is that individuals choice. It is a decision made between that Muslim woman and her Lord. So when people say that we are oppressed, it is ridiculous. 

And because of these actions, France witness and experiences the consequences. It's upsetting seeing many countries face terror attacks, but if you retaliate back by doing acts like this, it doesn't make your country safe but does the complete opposite. You are practically calling them to your country. ISIS have their own mentality which we can all agree is wrong and so horrendous, but that doesn't mean you got to do the same. ISIS enforcing their views on others is the same as you politicians enforcing rules like this on others. It doesn't help anyone. The law and government are meant to be there to protect their people, their country, but what is the point of when they are just causing harm to their people and country. Can a French Muslim woman feel safe in her country? From my point of view, no she can't. 

Just think about what you are doing, what you are supporting, what you are going against. Laws can't just be created because you want to make yourself superior in comparison to women, or you have something against a religion, culture, or race. But unfortunately, that's how the society has always run. It's screwed up.

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