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by - Tuesday, June 13, 2017


1) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I see myself happily married and travelling insha'Allah <3 At the moment I just want to get a job, save money from that, then in a couple of years just travel whenever possible! Not just during the typical holiday times, but even small getaways for the weekends would be so cool.

2) What is your favourite thing about Ramadhan?
Honestly, what I love is that during this month every year, I am able to look at myself and see what kind of a Muslim I am. Ramadhan really helps me because it makes me realise that I can pray my 5 daily namaaz, and Quran, and do dhikr but it also makes me aware how when it is not Ramadhan, no matter how much we blame Shaytaan, we are mainly at fault for what we do and say. People may take this wrongly or not, but that is one thing about Ramadhan that is my favourite. SELF-REFLECTION

3) What do you like most about blogging?
I love how I have a place somewhere where I can share things, and then end up knowing that there are other people that feel the same way I do about things. Generally, I just love making memories, and blogging about things allows me to look back, and virtually see things I got up to and ate etc.

4) Do you miss DMG?
Haha, I actually didn't expect the girl who questioned me this to ask this! To anyone that don't watch Indian Serials or know about DMG. Then firstly it basically stands for Dill Mill Gaye, and secondly, it's a serial that revolves around doctors, love and family. The show ended in 2010, and damn has it been so long! 7 YEARS! But anyways, back to the question, although I don't watch Indian serials anymore, and no longer feen over it, I do miss the show because there once was a time when I was such a huge fan of it! 

5) How can one stay motivated to wear the hijab through daily life?
To the beautiful friend of mines, as well as readers that have this question going through their mind, I would like to say one thing. Who are you doing it for? If you are wearing or going to wear the hijab for Allah, then that is basically the intention you are meant to have. And this intention itself will be the main reason why you will stay motivated. As a hijabi, I struggle wearing it all the time, sometimes it really does get tiring, but because I am doing it for Allah, the hijab stays on my head. 

Don't do anything for the sake of anyone, because people change, their opinions changes and people go too. But Allah stays. Always. You do something for the sake of Allah, then He will help you out <3 And if He wills, then He will make it easy for you. 

6) How do you organise?
This is a bit of a broad question. But for generally whatever goes in my life, I use my calendar app hehe. Any event, appointment, birthdays, anything it's all on there. I tend to set the reminders one week or 2 days in advance in order for me to make sure I am well prepared for it. 

In terms of blogging, then I TRY to be organised as in making sure I have two posts up per week, but that totally does fail. However, when I am super motivated, I make sure to type up as many posts as I can, and then honestly post it when it's time. 

7) Favourite book, movie, series/drama?
Book: Anything written by Nicholas Sparks
Movie: Anything by Nicholas Sparks (Hollywood), and Vivah (Bollywood)
Drama: Ultimate one would be PRISON BREAK! But honestly, I have a collection of favourite American dramas <3

8) What do you do during your "Me" time?
I binge watch! Whether it's Korean drama's, or youtube videos. That's basically what I do. I am guilty of being hooked on drama's one after another! I just love it <3 <3

9) What is your favourite KDrama and what are you currently watching?
I will break it down into my top 5 favourite KDrama's. Sorry :P

(can't help but add these too; Suspicious Partner, Goblin, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, My Love From The Stars, My Secret Romance, Defendant, The Legend Of The Blue Sea, The K2, Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Uncontrollably Fond)

And currently I am watching, Suspicious Partner (<3 <3), Circle, Fight My Way and Queen For Seven Days.

10) Cats or Dogs?
I would say cats, more specifically Kittens. They just look so cute! 

11) If you could eat just three things for the rest of your life what would it be?
Chocolate, Pizza, and Grilled Prawns.

12) What camera do I use?
No fancy cameras just my phone. For the last month, I have been using the beauty. iPhone 7 Plus, but before that, I used the Samsung Galaxy S5.

13) Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you had to use one social media for the rest of your life which one would it be?
INSTAGRAM, for sure! Even right now, it's the only social media platform that I am constantly active on because I love sharing my photographs and taking pictures.

14)  Who are your two inspirations in the blogging world?
From the top of my head, I would say Dina Torkia and Li-chi Pan. I have been following them for a very long time! I have mentioned Dina many times, but in case any of your guys don't know why, then it is because she is one the realist, and true female Muslim, blogger/youtuber out there. She's honestly one of the main reasons for the increase in female Muslim bloggers/youtubers, whether anyone agrees with me or not. And Li-chi Pan because of her work! Honestly, it is just so beautiful. I want to get to her level of photography, and editing because it is astonishingly amazing! I love reading through her blog and insta posts!


That's all for the Q&A. If you have more questions, then leave them in the comment section below!

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