No Burger Beats This One | Pepe's Piri Piri

by - Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hey, guys! I'm just going to briefly mention about the heat! It's too damn hot, to my Muslim readers, I am praying that Allah makes it easy for us during this last couple of days of Ramadhan, because fasting and the really hot weather really don't go well. I'm telling you all, the British heat, and abroad heat is just not the same. I can't deal with this heat *crying face*. But the only thing that would actually help with this heat is food, which I can't have but I at least can imagine. Plus this post like the majority of my others is way overdue.


This is the other half and mines second time going to Pepe's in Star City, and because the first time was a hit, the second time was needed! During both those times, we ordered the same burger which was the Pepe's Double Burger w/ hash brown and cheese. One thing I got to say about this burger is that when you have it as a takeaway, it is so much better! When we had it as a takeout the first time because the burger was kind of messy, the cheese was melty, and the burger was just all together, there was so much more taste and deliciousness! 


The bun is honestly so nice and soft like it just compliments with all the flavoursome meat between the buns. The chicken! Pepe's are known for the chicken, and seasoning/flavour! It was grilled to perfection, with the right amount of peri peri <3 Seriously it is just so good. Also having that cheese and hash brown made the burger so much better. We got the idea from the Zinger Tower which we get from KFC, and we always say no burger yet can compete that one but please! This burger from Pepe's definitely is top at the moment! This burger itself is very filling, and for about £9 (including one side, and the extras which are the hash brown and cheese), it was worth it!


Along with the burger, we ordered 12 Pepe's Strips (Lemon & Herb). It did end up being too much food, hence why we packed the majority of the strips, but the few pieces that I did have was DELICIOUS! We chose Lemon & Herb because as much as we enjoy spicy food, sometimes it's nice to go for something zesty. Just like the chicken in the burger, these strips were grilled properly, and flavoured to perfection! I want to go again for sure, and try this out again and other foods!


Lastly the chips! I hate soggy and oily chips, and these definitely weren't that. They were cooked well, and the extra seasonings of the peri peri salt made it even better! Honestly, this place was so worth it! There is a local Pepe's in my city, but I don't know if they do the same as this place, so I got to check it out, because if they do then it would be so good! Although as far as I am aware by having checked online I don't think they do.  Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I missed typing food posts, despite how much I complain about me just posting food food food. 

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