how to use twitter to increase blog traffics

by - Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hello lovelies! I've noticed that ever since I've started to use twitter, there's been an increase in blog traffics, and as much as people say digits don't matter. It is something that makes us happy, knowing that people out there are enjoying your blog posts. I will be letting you know how you can use twitter to increase your blog traffics, because before making a twitter account, I researched to see why I should be creating one. Below are things that I have experienced and found beneficial:

1. Chats: This is one of the main way to increase traffics. Chats allow you to not only put yourself out there, but allows your to interact with people, and interacting with other bloggers is an essential part of being a blogger. You can either host chats, or take parts in chats. Below is a timetable of when specific chats are taken place, and don't worry there is always a chat that suits everyone's blogger type (fashion, food, lifestyle etc)
picture taken from Google. 
2. Following: Another way is to follow other bloggers, there are many amazing and sweet bloggers out there, that I have chatted to through twitter, and it's always a pleasure to see what other's blog about. This way you help them and they help you out, by checking one another's blog out. Also is people/bloggers follow you, then do follow them back. This will give a friendly impression of you to people out there. 

3. love #hashtags: The same way you use hashtags on Instagram, the same way you use it on twitter but to a minimal - focusing on the main one. This way there is a bigger audience that are more likely to stubble upon your tweet and check your profile, which may just lead to a follow and clicking on your blog link. 

4. Tweets: Constant tweets about your; blogs, plans, questions, opinions, is vital for increasing blog traffic. There is not point of a twitter account if you are not going to use the main part of twitter - the tweeting. That doesn't mean tweeting every 5-10 minutes about your blog, but if you use it the right way, and the correct balance then you will see the numbers go up. 

5. BeYou: Talk like how you would talk to someone in reality. Don't make yourself appear different to how you actually are because people love the natural self of you, not the fake one. The way you behave and talk, is a portrayal of how you are. If you are straight forward, then keep it like that. Don't create a false image of yourself because social media is place where misunderstanding can easily take place.

6. Twitter Analytics: This is a new feature that Twitter has created, and I absolutely love it. This part of twitter is really useful because you are able to see which tweets have been seen by many people, and which ones are seen less. Acknowledging the analytics, lets you understand and know what people may like to see more of, which in advance prepares you in what you may/should post more about.


If you have a blog, and haven't created a twitter account for it, maybe it would be a good idea to since there are a lot of benefits for it. And if you do have a twitter account, then leave your usernames down below, mine is @amourvitaa :D

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