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by - Friday, October 23, 2015

Aztec Print Parka // £9.00
Grey Check Fit And Flare Collar Dress // 15.00
Black Zip Front Shirt Dress // £13.00
Black PU Metal Detail Backpack // £10.00
Grey Roll Neck Poncho // £14.00
Moveable Leaf Statement Ring // £2.00
Burgundy Sleeveless Jacket // £15.00
Burgundy Waterfall Sleeveless Jacket // £17.00
6 Pac Diamonte Stacking Rings // £2.00

Hiya! This is my first ever wish list, I've seen many posts like this on quite a few blog pages, and so I thought I would do one of them. Autumn has arrived, so dark colours are so in! Plus for a person like me, dark colours are my best friend. I love Primark, it's changed hugely over the past few years, and I'm loving the new items that are released every single time.

Coats are essential this season and for winter, plus the weather is so unexpected that having a light coat is helpful. So the Aztec Print Parka is perfect for those kind of reasons.

I love dresses. I'm that type of girl that sticks to dresses and not to tops and jeans, it's just so hard for me to make that move. So when I saw that collar dress, I found it beautiful, because it added that chicness through the collar, and the colour is perfect for the season.

I've always wanted a shirt dress,  they just seem so comfortable. My wardrobe is filled with skater and midi dress, that I don't even own a shirt dress. The black shirt dress above looks classy and elegant. Plus I love the three quarter sleeve, and zip in front.

Those backpacks that I found, are so trendy right now. And have one of them won't be a harm because having loads of bags is never enough.

The grey poncho looks cute. I love poncho, and easy to style at times. Just put it over a top and jeans, and style it with a pair of jeans and voila! The high kneck gives extra coverage and the frills just give a twist.

So the burgundy sleeveless and waterfall jacket both look amazing! I have a white one like the sleeveless one, just the difference is mine has sleeves. And I know with the cold weather coming up, it's not that perfect. But the colour is totally fit for this season, and it's something I can style with for a lovely occasion.

I can never get enough of jewellerys the amount of those I have is countless. I'm loving the rings packs that you get now. I had one before from another store but because gold colour was coming out, I hunted for another pack. The designs are beautiful and you can't go wrong with a price like that.

Lastly the leaf statement ring, is gorgeous! Just having that ring on, diverts all attention to that item. You won't need any other jewellery with it. Plus the design makes it so much better.

What do you guys thing of my wish list? Do you want to see more? And what are your autumn wish list, leave your comments down below.

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