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by - Thursday, October 15, 2015

What I love about food is that new stores just keeping coming, which just give me more chances to try them out. Room IV is a place that literally made me want to visit there ever since I knew it opened. Picture on Instagram, made me want to try out the waffles, and the way they presented it just made it looks extra cute and nice.

On Monday, I was taken there for a surprise by my partner, and it was the sweetest surprise because he knew I wanted to go there for quite a while. Let me just say the setting of the store is super pretty, which gave the vintage vibe, and it was like a place of how you would want to decorate your room.

For the first item, we ordered a meat panini. which as you can see looks so delicious and tempting. It was quite unique to see that they placed some crisps as a part of the sides, which gave it that lovely touch. The panini itself was soo good. Damn! It was cheesy, and had some yummy ingredients making it so filling to eat.

The first dessert, which I must say looks adorable, and doesn't the table just make the picture look Instagram worthy! This was a lollipop waffles, drizzled with nutella and sprinkled with marshmallows. The waffles that Room IV makes are so soft and made perfectly. The nutella just makes everything so much more better because, it's NUTELLA. The lollipop just adds an extra uniqueness to the usual way a waffle is presented.

And the second dessert we ordered was a chocolate waffles, with whipped cream and strawberry. After this I was surely full, because this was soo yummy. From the waffles to the strawberries, it was all perfect and well made and presented. I am a person who absolutely adores desserts, and can never get enough of it. This places makes me want to have more but also makes me full, because of how amazing they are. 

I will definitely be going to visit this shop again. There's so much more that this shop offers, like breakfast waffles, mocktails, tea, coffee, gelato, tarts, cakes and many more. It's such a cosy place, which has a fun and relaxing vibe. You would surely enjoy your time there. One last bonus! The price are totally worth what they give you! You won't be disappointed! Dessert lovers, and those who have a sweet tooth, should check this place out. You can find them on Instagram: @roomiv, or twitter: @room_iv.

Until next time!

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