[Felicity, you have failed this omelette] - Arrow Season 4 Premiere

by - Friday, October 09, 2015

Arrow is back! Hell yeah! How did you guys find the episode, because I found it amazing!

Firstly Olicity are so adorable! The omelette attemption by Felicity was funny 'Felicity, you have failed this omelette'. These two are so cute, and it's so nice seeing them so happy and free. But we know that it doesn't last because this is Arrow we are talking about.
Shall we talk about the proposal! Like what the hell Laurel and Thea just ruined that special moment, I was so waiting the proposal to actually happen because they deserve it! These guys have been through loads.          
Let me just say. I hate Laurel. Ever since she's become the canary, I have hated her even more thenbefore. But Katie Cassidy is playing the role of Laurel really well. And her father is a bloody annoying person, like seriously his hatred for Oliver is absolutely stupid and unnecessary. Oliver is helping the damn city, not causing more problem. Lance has gone corrupt, and irrelevant. He just pisses me off now.

I am loving Thea, I don't care whether she is speedy or red arrow, she is one hell of a brilliant fighter! But something is wrong with her. What if she's the one that dies! :O
Diggle is another annoying character because he's literally just over exaggerating what happened between him and Oliver. There was a reason why Oliver did what he did, and it was for the best for his team. Not because he can't trust or love anyone (real mature Diggle, real mature). Oliver should have told Diggle, but he didn't, so the least Diggle can do is understand that Oliver didn't do it for the sake of it. Bloody hell, Diggle was the first person to be told about Oliver's hidden agenda in the beginning. There's no need for him to constantly remind Oliver that he has a family to take care of. By the way that helmet of his, is pretty funny. Not cool at all.                          


Lastly! What the hell. That grave. Who died? Because it can't be Felicity! That would be a bold movement for the producers and directors to do that! And you can't kill Olicity off like that. After so long, they are finally back together, they cant tear them apart yet again. Plus Felicity is a bad ass, and crucial part of the team even if she's not into the action. She's been there from the beginning.

What did you guys thing of the episode? Did you guys enjoy the premiere, and the Villian of the season?

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