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by - Friday, October 02, 2015

The self esteem of a girl has changed so much. With society changing continuously, the way a girl thinks about herself changes to. We all say everyone is beautiful in their own way but not everybody understands that saying, until they want to believe it. For example, a plus size girl/women would have her own insecurity because she doesn't fit the requirements on how a women should look because she's not skinny. Or people who are anorexic feel insecure because they are unable to look like Kim Kardashian, or Nicki Minaj. Every women have that lack of confidence at times, and it takes a lot of effort and for them to be happy with who they are.

Insecurity can happen any time during one's life, even from a young age and young girls don't deserve that, they should be able to feel happy with however they are when they are young, and not have to worry about how they look, behave. Childhood is a period in life where you can make as many mistakes you want, do what you feel because you are not judged, however that's not the case now. I know a young girl, only 10 years old, who is so insecure with how she looks because she gets told that she should 'lose weight', 'you are fat', 'how much do you eat?', and it's very upsetting to see that she is pressured from a young age to be a certain way. Who says that women/girls have to be skinny, who says they have to have a big 'booty', or have to have specific body parts.

Women, no matter what, will always be insecure, even if they are very beautiful, they wouldn't see that side of themlseves and instead look at their flaws. But one's flaws are what makes you, YOU. We can't control how we look, but we can control how we take the views and opinions of people. We can change, but we don't want to change to an extreme that you are uncomfortable with yourself. We should be feeling happy and comfortable in our own skin, but because of society, and the expectations of a women. It's quite difficult to.

It's not just women, but also men. There are many health and fitness magazines, portrayal of men in movies and shows, that men/boys NEED to work out, and be healthy in order to be considered 'good looking' 'hot' and 'fit'. But that is not the case, because how you see yourself, and how your personality is, is what makes you happy.

A person could be soo 'good looking' but there personalities could be sh*t as fu*k! Or you could have the most caring and amazing personality yet, because of judgmental opinions, how your personality is doesn't matter but what you look like does. Also there are some people out there who think that if they are pretty/fit, then they have the perfect life, when to be honest they don't because they are just like any other people, they will compare themselves and they find other people so much more prettier than them.

Like mentioned before it all comes down to your mentality and how you think of yourself. It does take time for one to be happy and okay with how they are. I'm not going to say that I don't compare myself to other girls, and that they are so much more skinnier and prettier then me, but what I can say is that, I acknowledge the fact that there are girls like that out there, but I am happy with how I am, because all my flaws, and imperfections are what makes me, Rabiah.

How you see yourself is how others will see you. If you are constantly worried about how people look at you, then you won't get anywhere, because you will eventually have to overcome it. I do have days, where I say that 'I'm fat', 'I want to be skinnier', 'Eurgh I'm not that pretty', I can waste my time spending on pointing out what I don't like about myself, but there are people out there who actually do face things like acid attacks, burnt skin etc, and they have to live with that.

I asked a blogger on twitter, whether she is insecure about her looks and weight and how she overcomes it, and she said:

@_littleblog: all the time but then I think how I can't change my looks and actually, if people judge me based on looks then that says more about them then about me! I've realised that there are people in worse positions than me so I have tried to stop worrying about it, but obviously everyone has their insecurities.

Once you LOVE YOURSELF, no matter what people say, it wouldn't affect you because you know that you are beautiful in your own way. There will be days that will make you take a step back and reconsider your thoughts, but don't let that day take over everything. Be happy with how you are inside and outside. Remember LOVE YOURSELF, don't let anyone put your down. You are WORTH so much more!

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  1. I LOVE this!! You write so beautifully and it's such a positive post, I'm glad I could help give my opinion xx

    1. aww thank you soo much!
      and I'm grateful for your help :)