[Family above all. Always and Forever] - The Originals Season 3 Premiere

by - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of the best CW shows is back! That's right. The Originals is finally back. Damn who doesn't love this show?

The Originals has to always have a flashback, and that flashback scene between the Mikaelson siblings, was pretty nice to see. I loved seeing Rebekah after quite a long time, it's upsetting that Claire Holt is only back through the flashback. She's the only actor to play Rebekah, the finest and best.

Seeing Klaus and Elijah apart is depressing. They work best together. Klaus's rebellious side, and Elijah's sensibility. They both balance each other so well. The brotherhood is real! Seeing the bond through the flashback is enough for now though, eventually they are going to be back together, because they are the Mikaelson Brothers!

Davina, well what do I say about her. She is one character who surely has transformed beautifully over the past few seasons. But her rage towards the Mikaelson is not what I really like. But hey! Not everyone likes the Mikaelson right? Though they are all connected to him. That's the beauty of the show.

Klaus and Camille are freaking OTP. Anyone who hates them, well I'm sorry to say but they are bloody amazing. Camille is definitely not annoying or whatever the haters say about her. She is one strong, and great character. Got to love her standing up towards Klaus, she's the only one who can do that without being turned into a punch bag by Klaus. It's like they have switched roles because he's now opening up to her, whilst she is shutting him out.

I like Freya, her personality is amazing. The fact that she's trying to help her siblings is lovely to see. I love how this show focuses a lot on family, because they definitely know how to work around that theme. Freya is an amazing aunt, but I have to admit she can't be the kind of aunt and sister like Rebekah. I still love her role!

Marcel has turned the church into a fighting club area. Don't know what to say about that, other than oh well. However I enjoy seeing how he still cares and will always care about his vampire family. It's what he's been doing since the beginning. And a fight club is something Elijah definitely needs - all that rage against Klaus, needs to be vented out somewhere.

Each individuals have really evolved in this season. I really love seeing this side of them all.

Everyone against Klaus is not what I like. Klaus really has ruined everything this time. Nobody is with him. Can't hate him for his decisions. But what he did to Hayley was so not cool at all. I want Hayley back fully, not partially. Even though he say's he doesn't need anyone, he still does. He needs his family.

And really did he say, 'I don't trust anyone'. That is something Klaus would say, after everything,

Damn you Lucien. Be grateful the Mikaelson let you free in the first place. Lucien's snarky comments are hilarious. But he is daring by trying to cause a drift between the Mikaelson, because he's doing a great job in messing with Klaus's mind. I think he's the one commanding the people to kill the wolves. What is his actual motive? Now that's something I am going to be looking forward too. It looks like his bringing the Klaus from season one back though, because currently we need that Klaus back, especially in this season.

The prophecy, doesn't make sense yet, besides the fact that whatever is going to happen, is going to create the downfall of the Mikaelson family. And what beast or supernatural is Lucien? Because that is going to be vital for that season. Can't wait to find out.

What the hell does Davina want with Hayley? That doesn't matter right now, because at last we finally see Hayley in the episode. Unfortunately Elijah doesn't know so he's expecting the worst. Let's not forget that scene where he ripped all them b*tches! Damn! The things he does for his loved ones! Talking about them, I so want them back. Sorry to the Hayley and Jackson fans. But Hayley and Elijah are another OTP. They go way back before Hayley and Jackson, marriage since birth or whatever thing.

What is the season about? Is the sire lines really the issue for this season, because it would be interesting to see how it works out because we all know that once an original vampire is killed, everyone linked to them is pretty much - DEAD! But it also could be not and the Lucien dude is the main villain. However it does look like this season will put the Mikaelson family into a test, if what the chick Lucien presented to Klaus said is true.

That ending of Klaus tearing apart that dude was bloody amazing! When he's pushed to the limits, that is what you get! Ah. So priceless. Him ripping off the libs of the art critic is expected from him because what Camille said to him really wounded him. We could all see that hurt expression.

This season premiere was great. It had the action, flashbacks, family, villain, mystery and more changes then usual. Though it did look like they were trying to fit everyone's perspective in one hour. That doesn't stop me from loving this episode, because to be honest I'm just so glad that the show is back.

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