five ladies that inspire me

by - Monday, October 19, 2015

There are many successful, celebrities or well known people out there that inspire teenager, or young adults out there. And to me, I have shortlisted the five ladies who inspire me to do better and be better. 

• Dina Tokio: A blogger, youtuber and designer. Dina is an amazing and hilarious person. The videos she's always posting, are so funny and relateable. What inspires me about Dina, is the fact that she is a Muslim, and Alhumdulillah so successful in what she is doing. She manages to keep doing what she loves, despite the amount of haters she gets. Another thing I love about Dina, is her style, it makes me want to hunt for clothing items she has because it's covered and modest. Her style is unique and in fashion wise is another inspiration.

• ShamzyM: A youtuber, but that's not what makes her an inspiration. The fact that she has come so far from the depression that happened previously, is outstanding. She is phenomenal, and a very funny person too. She's someone who's out there to help people, who are going through difficulty times, or just having a bad day etc. She makes people laugh and smile, and that is one her aims. This just makes her such a wonderful person. I love the videos she's always posting on instagram, it's hilarious, and if you are having a bad day, her page is worth going onto. Plus you can connect to what she says, which is what I love. 

• Rumena Begum(rumena_101): Rumena is a youtuber, and make up artist. Rumena was bullied but about her looks when she was younger. And to see how far she gone, and proved them bullies wrong is aspiring. Makes you feel like, if they can do it, so can you. She has a overcome her bullying, and it's messages like this that is spread out more. Not only that but she is so talented in make up and fashion. It's amazing! You can't help but fall in love with how well she carry's the way she wears her outfit so well. Plus her family is bunch of creative and fun people. 

• Taslim R: Taslim inspires me through photography and fashion. The photography work she does are gorgeous and stunning! It's photographers like Taslim, that make me love photography more because her work is something I enjoy and like to see, and what to do. Her fashion is Masha'Allah wow! Beautiful and modest. The way she styles each piece is breathtaking. And what I love is that she's always so interactive with people who comment on her photos. I've left comments here and there and she always manages to reply back. 

• Kainat Ali Khan (dupattadiaries): Kainat is a blogger who writes what she's passionate about, and that's what inspires me. Her instagram is filled with pictures captioned with what she feels she wants to speak about. What she writes about are connected to daily life issues or topics that are constantly talked about, and through them she shares her opinion on it. That is what inspires me, Kainat inspires me to not worry about what others say, and share what I feel I want to because someone out there is going to understand what you mean. 


All these amazing ladies, inspire not because they are a youtuber, or a blogger, but because of the passion they have towards what the love and want to do. The fact that they manage to fight their own battles whether it has happened or are still always occurring in different forms, is beautiful. They inspire me because of who they are and what they do with the success they have. They make me want to inspire, help and connect with others out there around the world. 

Leave your comments down below, on who your inspiration are, in general or depending on the situation and topics? And do any of you guys have any in common with me? 

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