is quantico the next new hit show of 2015?

by - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Have you watched the season 1 premiere? Have you? No? What are you waiting, go watch it now! But you must be wondering what is this show about.

Well it's about a group young FBI agents who are training in the academy. They are smart, talented and really motivated, so it's quite impossible that one of them is a terrorist, right? But happens when that is possible and they are behind the biggest attack in New York since 9/11.

Watch Quantico to find out who's the person and how everything leads up to the attack.

Now what makes Quantico, really interesting and worth your time to watch. First it's quite a female headed show, the main lead being one of the top and famous actress Priyanka Chopra! The fascinating and beautiful part is that she is portrayed as a Hindu woman, who is 'in touch with her Indian roots at at the same time is a modern-day global citizen who’s smart, opinionated, bold' as Priyanka mentioned in her interview.

Not only that but there is another main actress, Yasmine Al Marsi who is Palestinian actress, playing a Muslim women, wearing a hijab in the show! Where have you seen such a kick ads Muslim female characters wearing hijab, and entering the role of an FBI agent before?

Wow! This is amazing and phenomenal of ABC to portray, because it simply shows diversity which not many shows do. 

Priyanka Chopra, Johanna Braddy, Yasmine Al Marsi and Ellis, all have strong and powerful story line and personalities which is great to see because Quantico doesn't show the stereotypical view of women, and instead goes against it, by showing independent women, that are driven to do what they want, and it's not all about love.
Not only that but they are the ones who are shown as solving problems and saving the day.

This doesn't mean that the portrayal of men is different because it isn't, they are still shown as being powerful, mischievous, yet focused. But the way the women are shown in the show is what stands out the most!

Besides that, that storyline that is shown in the first episode just leaves you wanting to know more! You want to know about each individual characters because the show knows perfectly how much to show to the audience, making them want to come back each week to watch more. Because this is a fantastic show I won't mention what happened in the first episode but when you guys will watch it, your expression would be worth recording because it's going to be like, WHAT?!

You can't trust anyone in the show, because they all have an individual role in what happens. Most of the characters are shady so you will be wondering whether that is the back stabbing agent/terrorist or not? Who knows! Got to love some mystery and thriller! The journey of this show seems very very promising, and I really hope it doesn't get cancelled because it's a show we need! A show that everyone will connect to the story or the characters! 

If this hasn't intrigued you yet, then just watch the first episode, and let me know whether you loved it or not, because this is totally 10/10!!

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