combination of two

by - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

About a week or two before, I visited both Gelato Village and FroYum. From Gelato Village I brought Hazelnut, Gianduia and Fior De Latte. My Favorite was Gianduia because it had this beautiful chocolate flavour that tasted soo delicious! The service given by the staff members were excellent as always, it was tempting for me to go back for more.  But no worries, I will be back very soon! There are still many other flavours to be tried out, and the waffles a MUST for me to have next time I go there.

From FroYum, we bought Watermelon flavoured frozen yogurt topped with mango and lychee jelly balls, with bubblegum flavoured syrup. It actually tasted yummy, which was great because I was afraid the watermelon flavour would put me off, however they managed it very well. But I will stick to vanilla flavoured frozen yogurt because it's simply my taste preference, That won't stop me from trying new flavours because this shop can definitely make various flavours work!
Picture taken by my other half.

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