#advicebyrabia: how to pass your theory

by - Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome back to another #advicebyrabia post :) So just recently I passed my theory exam, which was on Thursday! I was way too excited for finding out that I passed because I know nothing about cars, signals, rules etc as I never paid attention to it. 
Theory exam isn't an exam where you can just revise the day before then expect to pass the exam because that hardly happens unless you are very knowledgeable about it.  But even then going through a preparation is needed because you don't want to be wasting your/parents' money, and just fail. 

The length of the revision various spending on each individuals, for some it would take a month or two and others even less. But your revision shouldn't take like 3-4 months because then you will end up feeling like how should do more and delay the exam. 

I started revision half way through summer, so around August. I would go through every section of the book, which honestly helped so much. The book was from Waterstones for about £12, you can get it less from eBay or Amazon if you searched for it. 

Along side I would use toptests.co.uk to go through each mock tests and see what I how my progression was going. The website did help however it didn't allow me to know which section I had to focus on more. 

Which is where this app that is shown above comes in. The UK driving theory test app cost between £1-2. I never buy apps but this was one that was compulsory, and I must say it was worth it. The app allowed me to go through each sections. It showed me what I got wrong and right at the end. 

Not only that but there's a section called coach mode. This allowed you to answer questions from all the topic, and after each one they would tell you if you were right or wrong. If you were wrong they would tell you why so you could learn that. As well as that they repeat the questions you got wrong until you get them right which is an awesome way for you to learn. As you do more questions, you progress level will increase each time. 

There also is a mock test section, so each time you do a test, there will be a graph showing whether you improved from the last test or not. I downloaded this app 3 weeks before my exam and it really helped a lot. In my opinion I would tell you to download this app when you start your revision. 

Once you have gone through the book, and done many tests on the theory then start to think about booking a test. 

But remember you need to master the hazard perception test too. This part of the test was what worried me so much because it's easy to miss a point or over click your mouse when you see a hazard. 

When in fact if you practice enough on many videos then you should be good to go. I didn't download an app for this, instead I just went on literally all the links I could find and learnt that way. 

Make sure you click when you see a hazard that you think will develop then when a few seconds before it actually happens. This is because the quicker you realise the hazard the higher your point will be. 

However as you may have read don't click every time you feel like you need to, because you think it will make you pass because it would just lead to the opposite. You will be marked 0 for that clip. That's why be very sure and confident. 

Don't rush yourself to thinking that you need to get it over and done with. Instead take your time and when you are confident enough then book your test. 

I would recommend doing your theory first then start your driving lessons. This is because you would know what rules and information you need to know when you are road. However if you learn easier when you are practical then start your driving lessons half way through your revision. This way you have some idea on what you would expect.  

Lastly remember that you have 50 minutes to complete the questions sections. So you can take your time in the exam if you feel like you should. If you are unsure then flag the question and come back to it and the end. 

Theory is a test which you can pass if you do the revision. So to all those who are planning to get their theory done, I hope this post has helped you in understanding what to expect and do. 

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