by - Thursday, October 05, 2017

Hey guys! How have you all been? I know college has started recently, and now uni. I hope it’s going well for you all no matter what year you are in. It’s a struggle, and totally time-consuming, but I wish you all good luck and success! 

On to the post! The partner and I recently went to German Doner Kebab. And the main reason was a voucher! We had been debating so many times to whether visit the place or not because of the mixed reviews we’ve heard. And they were A LOT. But we finally went. So carry on reading to find out our thoughts.


The place, in general, looked great. Quite a vibrant interior, with cool looking walls. Since it’s a newly opened place, it is quite busy. But thankfully we came at a time where there wasn’t much rush, however eventually queues did start to build up rapidly. 

We ordered 2 Chicken Doner Kebab (we love chicken). Unfortunately, the voucher didn’t allow us to go for a meal, which would have been nice because we could have given a review on other things (like we always do). But it’s just going to be on the Doner Kebab. 


Here’s where things go wavy. The Chicken Doner Kebab wasn't really Kebab. It was like Shawarma. I’ve had Kebabs and I’ve had Shawarmas. So I’m pretty sure I know the difference. In general, the ‘doner kebab’ were lovely, cooked perfectly, not greasy and it was actually tasty. I loved the bread that the Chicken Doner Kebab came in! Definitely delicious. There was right amount of everything. Once you open the bread up more, you see more meat, which is great because you don’t want more salad than meat. The sauces used, were spicy, garlic and yoghurt which was nice, but I do think there were more garlic and yoghurt sauce. Couldn’t really taste the spicy sauce. 

So yeah, as far as the food goes, it was not bad. But the partner and I were definitely disappointed because it simply did not live up to its name. It was not a kebab. That’s our personal opinion. 

The price of the Doner Kebab Sandwich (what we ordered) in general as a meal is £6.99. Which is not bad because the sandwich is filling and the meal includes fries and drinks. But if you get the Doner Kebab Sandwich in itself then it really isn’t worth the £5.49. The only reason why I say that is because I’ve been to Turkish restaurants (since shawarmas are a Turkish food) and for around £6-8 you can get shawarma, kofte, chips and salad.

The question is will we go back? Not really. Unless we have vouchers haha. There’s nothing wrong with the food, and okay yeah, it’s not always about the branding. For me, it’s just the pricing! 

Hope you enjoyed the review and helped any of you guys who are planning to go. I’ve always opted to post reviews that are good, but I’ve started to just review places, with honesty. Whether it’s good or bad. It’s the only way you guys will know! 

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