Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.6 | Ziyaarat in Makkah (cont.)

by - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hi guys! Here is the continuation of pt. 6 of the Saudi Arabia Travel Diary series. So after praying Zuhr in the Masjid, we made our way to the main important places i.e Muzdalifah, Mina, place where you throw stones at during Hajj. The places I have mentioned, are key places that Muslims need to go to when performing Hajj. Because we went at a time when Hajj wasn't going out, we were only able to see the places from the outside, and just get a rough idea of how things are like. It's so beautiful and amazing to know how during these times there are no Muslims around, however as soon as it is Hajj time, these places are filled millions of Muslim's Masha'Allah.

Whilst looking around, the relative (that had been taking us everywhere), told us that there was a yellow Masjid. This Masjid. was the Masjid, Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم prayed at when he came to Mina. Due to the mountains and trees, the masjid was hidden. The government knew about it but were not aware of the exact location. It wasn't until 2007 when the government started to break down mountains and trees, that they realised that this was the Masjid, the prophet had visited.


(The simplicity..)

(More views of the scenery around)

After that, we were taken to another mountain, unfortunately, I don't remember what it is called, but it was pretty high. And no we didn't climb this mountain either, although it wasn't really needed to. 


Next location was Al-Rahman Mountain. This I climbed because it was mini, and also because I just wanted to see the view from above which was beautiful Masha'Allah. 


(The view from above)


Once I climbed the mountain and looked around, I went back down because something was calling me. FOOD! We basically had a mini picnic, which was nice because by this point we all were pretty hungry, and our relative secretly ordered food for us, but the plan failed because the minute the food entered the car, we all could smell it haha. The food was from Al-Baik, a pretty known restaurant in Makkah. They are known because of the chicken. So basically there are spices within the chicken, which means you are not biting into a normal fried chicken. It was nice, but I wasn't really a huge fan.  I kind of got fed up of the spice taste after having a few pieces. My mum, on the other hand, loves Al-Baik. 


After the lunchings, we were back on the road, off to another location, which will be on the next travel diary! So for now, I hope you all enjoyed this post, in case you haven't read the previous travel diaries, then I have them all linked below. Do enjoy them, and I promise I won't be long with the next travel diary.

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