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by - Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hiya amours! I'm finally back. I had my last exam a couple of hours ago, and I couldn't wait to post on my blog, so here I am with this lovely and exciting blog post. On 5th June, I had to! I just had to give into this hype. Gosh, I've never bought myself a Zoella Beauty product, and it sucks that I haven't because after trying out this range I am amazed and love what she creates and inputs her effort and creativity in. In a way I'm glad I got into her beauty products by trying out this product range first because it was definitely worth the money! Three reasons why I had to buy something from this beauty range was:

1. It was inspired by macarons and sweet almonds. As a macaron lover, this stood out the most because I clearly love eating them, so having the scent on myself is freaking lovely. 

2. When I saw the packaging of the items on Zoe's launch video, made me just fall in love with them. Pastel colours are absolutely gorgeous, and I've been loving them for a very long time now. 

3. Lastly it's a Zoella Beauty product. Zoe's such an inspiration, and honestly people either dislike her or a fan of her, and I am the latter. She is amazing at what she does, and she has come so far, with her YouTube channel, blogging, book, beauty everything. It's inspiring.


 Now the question is what did I buy? Of course you'll must have figured out from the picture above, and you are right, it's the body cream and fragranced body mist. These two products I knew I would use every day because the other products that were related to baths weren't convenient because I take a shower. However, one day I will. 


I have a couple of body creams lying around in my cupboard, but despite that I still purchased this super luscious body cream. The pink and white pastel theme around the bottle is gorgeous. I love how Zoe used these colours in such a sophisticated way, rather than a kiddish and girly looking. Honestly I adore the use of the variety of typography on the item. It looks so good. Now onto the actual cream. 


I've been using it ever since, and I'm seriously saying this, you don't need so much of the cream, just a minimal squeeze will be enough for spreading it on both hands. I put this cream on my hands, arms, feet, and it does wonders. The cream leaves my skin smooth, soft as well as refreshing. Having dry hands sucks, and knowing I have this body cream in my bag motivates me more to use it. The smell lasts a very long time, and the cream instantly gets soaked through my hand. The cap shuts tightly, so I don't have to worry about it opening randomly in my bag, and spilling. The price of this cream is £5. The fact that the bottle is quite big, it does what it needs it, is definitely worth the price.


And the second item is the Fragranced Body Mist. This product to me definitely acts more like a fragrance. I just put about 2 pumps, and it generally lasts me a good couple of hours, which is usually like 6/7 hours. You can really smell the sweetness of the cacao, macarons and sweet almonds, which is what I love because I'm a sweet person. I can eat it, and smell it all day.


The packaging of the product is beautiful once again. I love how Zoe once again thought well about how she wanted the typography, colour, designs to be all placed. I also love the printed pattern at the back of the bottle, it adds a lovely touch to it. The price of this Mist is £8. Just like I've mentioned before the pricing if worth what you are getting. I'm usually hesitant in spending my money loads, but this time I know I spent it wisely. I love the products, it works so well, and compared to other products the pricing it definitely reasonable.


That is it amours. It feels so good to be typing again without any worries. Now that exams are over, I can be typing up posts whenever I want and post them. My scheduling will remain the same, so roughly 3 times a week, maybe more with holidays starting. I have quite a few blog posts building up in the drafts section, so keep a look out amours. Hope you loved this, and leave your comments down below!

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