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by - Monday, January 16, 2017

Hi, guys! How have you all been? I hope college/uni/job life is treating you well? Do let me know in the comments below, what you guys have been up to, because just as much as I share my life with you all, I do love communicating more, so yeah, you can either comment or pop up on any of my social media accounts! (no random or weird dudes, though, because you going to be blocked haha). Also since I haven't done a post on recent events in life or just my life atm, if you do want to read about that too, then again just let me know in the comment section.

Whilst I was away in Saudi Arabia, I saw a post from Shakes & Fries on Instagram, about them being open. Now I had been anticipating for the opening for a good couple of months, so when the news was announced, I was a bit frustrated hehe, because I couldn't go on the day. That's why, I made it one of my main goal, to complete when I got back, and that's what I did. 


Literally, the day after I landed, I made a trip to Shakes & Fries with my partner. Firstly from the outer appearance, I totally love the sign! I love the typography used for Shakes & Fries, it definitely already gives the retro vibe. Then, when we entered (thankfully on a quiet day), we got to see everything, the reason why I say this is because on a busy day because the main priority is to get the food and try it, you aren't really able to see everything properly and take it in. Plus with bodies all around, you are bound to miss some details. 

Once we looked through the amazingly created menu, we sat down, and spent a while, like always taking photographs of everything we could take off. I loved this side of the shop because for a blogger it is such a cool place to take photographs near (definitely will next time), and also it's just eye-catching and cool to look at. I mean you have so many posters with different quotes/sayings, that you can spend good 5-10 minutes reading through. 


Now time for what we ordered. The partner ordered Chicken Tikka Poutine and Mint Chocolate Freakshake. Whilst, I ordered the Chilli Corn Carne Poutine, Jam Doughnut Freakshake, and Churros (to share).


Here is what the partner thought about the Chicken Tikka. 

"In my opinion, the chicken poutine had a perfect balance of chips and chicken tikka. It had a nice slow build up of spiciness, and the chips were crispy and cooked to perfection"


And for the Mint Chocolate Freakshake, he said;

"The milkshake, on the other hand, was confusing to eat, considering that an ice cream cone was placed to the side of the jar, with it being surrounded by the milkshake. Because of that, I gave up trying to finish it all".


The Chilli Corn Carni Poutine were amazing! I freaking loved having it all. In the beginning, I was opting for the Chicken Tikka as well, and I am so glad to have chosen this one hehe because it was delicious. The chilli corn carni curry was nicely distributed, so everytime I took a spoonful, I had a good amount of chips and sauce. Honestly, it was so tasty. The curry, was basically chicken mine, with beans and spring onions, with a bit of sweetnet seriously the flavour was so balanced. And you always got to appreciate perfectly cooked chips, and this definitely was.


On the other hand, the Jam Doughnut Milkshake was a disappointment. I expected both the Fries and Shakes to be top, since that is what they specialise in (hence the name of the shop), but the shakes didn't reach the expectation. It was your standard strawberry milkshake (but less strawberry-ey). If the milkshake had more flavour and colour, then it definitely would have been so much better to have. Otherwise, I love the concept they are going for and will look forward to other ones.


But! But they made up for it! I think I actually got to place this as my fave from Shakes and Fries even before the poutines. If you guys don't know, then I love my churros, but it is so hard to get really good ones in Leicester, and the only time I had the best ones were in Amiens (in France). So when I saw this on the menu, I had to get this ordered because I really wanted to see if it was good or not (because if it wasn't then well that was a disappointment itself hehe), but oh my gosh! It was so bloody good. I honestly love how its coated fully in cinnamon/sugar and drizzled in Nutella because it adds so much flavour and sweetness. The churros itself was not hard and oil. Like it seriously was delicious! And I am so happy about that because now I know I have a place that does great churros. Plus £3.50 is quite worth it since churros are usually expensive.


Overall, the food was great at Shakes & Fries, and I hope it continues to stay like this. I have read that some people's visit didn't go as well, but for me, it was lovely. I loved the poutine, and churros (obviously!), and hopefully the upcoming visits stay the same because I really don't like posting negative reviews, unless it's a mixture of good and bad hehe. I will totally give the other poutines ago as well, or even make my own, and even have some other desserts because it's nice to try a bit of everything from the menu.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and like I mentioned in the beginning, if you have any suggestions for upcoming posts then let me know. I do have some ideas and travel diaries, to type up, so from my part, I will definitely do as much as I can. Thank you all for the support. I'm going to throw a cheeky self-promote here since I am 150 followers away from hitting 1k on my Instagram, so if want you can find the link to my insta at the bottom/top/side of this page, and tap that follow button :)

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