Anniversary Date 2017

by - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hey, amours! Roughly 2 weeks ago, my partner and I made a trip to Coventry to celebrate our anniversary. Coventry? You'd be surprised what you can find after a good hunt, mainly thanks to Tripadvisor. Let's be honest, the majority of the times you get tired of going to the same places again and again in your own city, and although you don't want to stay in your own city to celebrate a beautiful occasion, you also can't be bothered for a long drive. Honestly, I wouldn't have thought about Coventry, but because we originally had an event to go to, which unfortunately got cancelled, we still thought, why not as I found this beautiful place! 

On the day, we spent the first few hours in Ikea, and trust me when I say, we would have spent even more time there because you just don't realise when time goes by in Ikea. We got so carried away at looking at the showrooms, and furniture etc. Some may think it's boring, but we actually enjoyed it. Plus it was my fist time ever going to Ikea! Que the "WHAT!" "ARE YOU FOR REAL"*gasps*"


After our time at Ikea, we went to... You guessed it from the cover photo obviously, TURMERIC GOLD. The interior design for this restaurant is absolutely gorgeous! Pictures really do not do justice. And I'm not going to lie but that was one my reason for the visit. 

Now the lunch menu consisted of 2 courses and a drink for £12.95. In my mind, the only place I could compare this restaurant with was Memsaab, since they have the similar type of style/theme. Hence why, so far, I found the price a bit on the expensive side, since Memsaab was a couple of pounds cheaper, and I mean saving those pounds is still a lot. But my opinion on this did change quite a bit once my lunch was over. 


For my starter I ordered, Tikka Slices (Chicken). The description about this, that was stated on the menu was; tender slices of Chicken or Lamb, cooked with mild spices and roasted in the tandoor. And it exactly was just that. The Chicken Tikka Slices were not overcooked at all, and it definitely was tender. Seriously it was so nice cutting up pieces of them. The flavour was not overpowering at all, so there was the right balance of them. What I found cool was the way the salad was decorated, I mean it is pretty hehe. Also, it was actually yummy having the salad (shocking, I know). The other half had same thoughts too, actually, he preferred mines over the one he ordered.


And what he ordered was Rawlpindi Curry Puff. This is a highly spiced dish, of dried red chillies, simmered in sweet vinegar sauce spiced with lamb, served with a puffed bread with crispy salad dressing with a twinkling of chat masala. What the partner's opinion on it was that it was amazing. The presentation was really nice, something you see in the fancy restaurants. The lamb in the dish was cooked to perfection, so nice and tender, and the dish itself was filled with great flavours. Also, the puffed bread, I would say, Puri, was not hard, which meant having each morsel easier and tastier!


Now onto the main course, the partner got Dakeswari (Chicken. Yes we love our chicken). There are 4 parts on the plate. Salad. Potato dish. Chicken Dakweswari. Plain Naan. The description for this is that there are pieces of Chicken Tikka cooked in a creamy almond sauce with fenugreek leaves. It's basically a sweet korma. My other half loved it! So did I! In Memsaab we would always order this, and here we are thankful we did too because it was so delicious! 

I always prefer thin fresh naan, but this was nice too. It was soft and stayed warm for quite a while which is always good because you really don't want to be having cold hard naan. On the other hand, the potato dish for my partner wasn't all that. It was too potato-ey, and he would have obviously liked if there were more flavour and sauce to it.


Lastly, I ordered Jalfraize Lal Chilli. This is a hot dish, stewed in a sauce of dry red chillies, onions, cloves, topped with tomatoes and green chillies. Now I would say this dish was yummy, but honestly, there were more onions than the dish itself, which I am not too fond of. Most of the time I was moving the onions to the side because I can't stand too many of them. The chicken once again was cooked perfectly (they sure know their meat). 

The rice was delicious and adding those food colour to some parts wasa great touch to it. As for the potato dish, my opinion is similar to the partner too. But I did enjoy having it with my curry. I for sure would say that the Dakweswari was 100x times better. My other half and I always leave half half to one another, and when I tried his, well I just couldn't stop eating hehe.


Alhumdulillah, it was a lovely visit. Next time we go I definitely want to go upstairs, and instead of getting a table, I want to sit on the floor (more like floor couch), because I feel like it's more authentic, and it's nice to have a different experience in a restaurant, rather than the usual tables and chairs. My last point is about something I mentioned before, the price.

Now I did say that it was quite expensive, however, it is kind of understandable as to why that is. The quality of the food is amazing, and you may think the quality is less, but that usually is like that in a fine dining restaurant. Plus surprisingly, because of the various food items, and flavours, we did get full by the end of it. So yeah! Hope you guys enjoyed reading the post <3 And I know I always say this. but with some changes in life, I am now for sure available to blog every week, if motivation and ideas don't stop obviously! Huge thank you, to everyone for always supporting, and reading! Don't forget, Amour Vita!

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