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by - Friday, August 07, 2015

Hi guys, I'm back with another post, and this one is about when I went to visit Brighton, on this Monday. It's been a while since I've been out and being cooped at home it's not so fun having to go through everyday, though I will regret saying that when college starts.

My family decided to go Brighton for a day trip. Originally the plan was to stay overnight and come back the next day but we had other plans for during the week. The journey to Brighton, was very very long. What I didn't know was that we even had to pass London, and my city to London, is actually very far. It took around 2 and a half/3 hours to get to Brighton. Despite staying in the car for a long duration, it was fun just talking to the family, and having a 'banter' with the sisters. 

When entering Brighton, the place looked really attractive. The houses/accommodations were like 'woah'. It actually looked like a quiet yet lively place but hey that was when I entered, When we got to the beach area, it was honestly so busy, many people were near the pier, beach, town centre etc. Finding a parking spot was actually hard, there were many places but I must say the prices for just parking ones car for 2/3 hours cost a lot, that's just because I'm not used to seeing that price. 

My family and I went to the beach side first. Even though there were many people around, it was actually nice and peaceful seeing this side of the city. Whilst 2 of my siblings went off in the water, being really crazy. I was just sitting taking photographs and videos, since I'm not a frequent visitor to the city. Plus this place really looked beautiful :) It has this lovely feeling seeing other families, couples, children's around having fun, with small shops on the right hand side allowing us to experience the full beach atmosphere. 

We then walked out of the beach side and onto the the top to the entrance of the Brighton Pier, which lead to the arcades, and rides. But wait a minute before going inside the fun bits. I saw some pretty interesting yet creepy people that dressed up into things. One of them was a man in black cloak and hood, with a skeleton hands and face holding an ace, and man was it creepy, but even then my sister wanted to take a picture with him, however she realised what a creep he was and was like hell no!

Just before the entrance there were many food shops, containing, doughnuts, fish and chips, crepes and CHURROS! Which exactly my sister and I kind of screamed when we saw it. I've seen so many pictures of churros on instagram and it has left me wanting to have them so badly! So when I saw it in Brighton, I made sure that my mum bought it for us. Damn was it delicious, and that too with Nutella. It was so yummy and mouth - watering that just typing this down, I feel like having one right now.

The arcade was literally stuffy inside, it was soo hot! So after looking around at some of the games, I went out and walked towards where are the other stalls were. Which was interesting to see for example a temporary tattoo stall, which used henna/jagua henna, and that made me so tempted to go in their but I couldn't go in at all. It was worth looking inside though. Most of the other stalls were mainly food ones, so there weren't much to see, but the aroma and the look of the desserts was soo good!

We got to the rides section. Since there were many rides, I chose to go on Horror Hotel and Galaxia. Let's just say in the Horror Hotel ride, I spent the whole time screaming my head off for absolutely no reason at all because the creatures that were popping out weren't even that scary looking, but because the ride was pitch black, I was just screaming because I had no idea what would pop out. Whilst I was screaming, my sister was just laughing a long side, finding the situation hilarious. 

Galaxia was just opposite the Horror Hotel, and that one was just fun. It just kept round, and then up and down, which was not bad, even though from a far it looks like it's going quite fast. The only worrying factor was hoping my shoes wouldn't fall off, which thankfully it didn't. I wanted to go on the carousel but since I didn't know the price of it, my mum just said to go on the one that is on the beach side. I've never been on a carousel, yeah I know, what the hell. But it's better late then never, even if I'm about to turn 18 in one month, a person can never be too old for things like that,

The day at Brighton ended with the us visiting the town centre, which in comparison to the town centre in my city is so much more bigger and better. There were loads more variety of branded shops, like Hollister. It did get tiring, so after looking at some shops, I just sat around waiting for the rest of family. Despite some mini tiffs between one another and the long journey, being at Brighton was lovely especially because the weather was perfect, and just being out to another city is something that I enjoy doing because I just love travelling around! <3

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