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by - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just a week left till college starts, some of you may have already started school, and some college students like me will be back to school next week.  

One thing I love about being back to college is shopping for the supplies I need to survive the year. Since it's going to be my second year of college it is going to be quite hectic so I'm going to have to keep my head down and study hard.

So for this blog, I have decided to show you guys what I've got my school survival supplies and other items I take.

The first item is the main essential item and that is the bag - because we obviously need something to dash all our books, ID card, purse, pencil case etc. I usually buy a new bag every year, since it's needed, because the old ones get quite tacky over the year.

I brought this standard yet perfect fit bag for college. The inside of the bag as you can see is spilt into two sections. It has 3 pockets inside the bag, and another pocket on the outside at the back. The bag cost about £20 which was not a bad price since bags like this cost a bit more in other high branded stores.

Next is the stationary items! I am obsessed with stationary collections, like the amount of book, pens, colouring pencils and felt tips I have is countless. Since I will be starting my second year of college, I won't need to many items. I will be only studying 3 subjects; media studies, photography, and sociology. As well as other small lessons on other minor subjects. 

A folder is definitely needed especially if you make notes of refill papers. You will need somewhere to store the paper in order to keep it all organised and in one place. You wouldn't want to come back looking at your notes and finding some papers missing. This folder was bought Wilkinson which is store I mostly buy stationary items from. It's perfect for carrying around school/college since it's not too heavy and if you have a good bag then it should surely fit. 

Refill pads/notebooks/book, is compulsory because where else are you going to write down your notes. Last year I brought a book that had 4 dividers so it was good at first because I didn't have to have so many books in my bag but later on during the year it got annoying especially, if one section finished yet you had to bring that big book and another. So this year I settled for 2 refill pads which should last half a year for me. It's already hole punched so you can easily input it in your folder. 

This cute little book was brought from tiger for only £1, I originally brought it because it just looked cute and for me to end up storing it in my cupboard. But instead I've decided to use it as just a notepad to jot down things like homework, deadlines etc. I like to write things down most of the times, but if you are someone who don't then the other option could be typing it on your phone and leaving a reminder. 

Another item is this A4 wallet folder, I will be using less of the normal folder and more of this since its more convenient and easy to carry. It's perfect to store papers and waterproof. So if you have a bag that doesn't close then this is more suitable than a normal folder since your papers are less likely to get wet and ruined. 

Pencil case it not really required. I honestly just use it for a couple of days then it's back into my cupboard since I just store a couple of pens in a zipped pocket. Though just for the sake of this blog, I will be showing this bit. This pencil case is quite old as you can see from all the scribbles. It has 3 compartment. One section has the colouring pencil, another section has pens and the middle section just has rubber, sharperner and pencils. 

And these are the items inside the pencil case. A couple of black pens since I don't really like blue pens - weird right. A bunch of colourful pens since it's just so cool, and I just lovely using them. The pencil, rubber and sharper is not essential for me because I just don't need it for the subjects I study.  Lastly the highlighters are quite important, for highlighting important parts for revision and more. 

This is the final part to this blog. Items that are needed to survive college year, and very useful to have in your bag always. 

A purse to store all your cards, and money because you never know when you will need it. 

I always need my hand cream, because my hands tend to get dry, so having the cream is always handy.

Your college ID is necessary. For me if I don't have my college ID then I have to go all the way back home or pay to get a temporary one for the day, so I have to always have it in my bag. 

As you guys can see my memory card is attached to my ID card since it's so small and easy to lose and my other half gave me the idea so why not. Memory card is essential for college because you can't trust the college computers to always have your work there, which is why having a memory card is important because you can always back them up which just means less stress. 

Mirror + Girl = Hell yeah. Us girls need to look in our phone or mirror so many times! Just hoping we don't look effed up.  

Keys is an obvious reason, parents or siblings won't always be home so to avoid being locked out its useful to have your keys on you.  

And the last item is the common and most needed item. Headphones!! I honestly get a panic attack if I find out that I have left my headphones at home because I always need them. Either during lessons, walking to college or back, or just simply because I'm bored. 

That's about it. This post has been quite long, and I'm sorry about that but there was just a lot to mention in this blog. I hope this has helped anyone starting or even started, yet don't know what to take. 

It was fun typing this blog and taking photographs :) I've got a twitter account now so follow me at @amourvitaa.

Leave any ideas below or comments on your thoughts on this post or what you would like to see next time. 

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