18th birthday celebration

by - Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hi guys! On 15th September, it was my birthday! Yep I finally turned 18, about time. It was a college day so there wasn't really much to do. However I was able to spend a couple of hours with my other half by going to a turkish restaurant to have lunch, then go to the movies to watch PIXELS!

The lunch at Saray Mangal was delicious. I simply love Turkish food now, and many weeks I had been wanting to have Turkish Food, and thankfully it was fulfilled on my birthday. For starters, they gave some bread with garlic sauce and a chilli but not so hot sauce (don't know the name). I ended up having it only because my other half clearly didn't want to eat it because he thought it wasn't nice (when really it was yummy). 

For the main course, we ordered mixed kebab, chips and cold . The mixed kebeb contained; adana, lamb shish, chicken shish, served with rice and salad. The salad was quite useless because the only vegetable we kept were the carrots, lemon, chilli and lettuce. The meats were delicious, though the adana was not something we particularly enjoyed and that was because it was too chewy. The chips were just chips, however I prefer fries, but it was well cooked, and nice to have it with the sauces. 

Overall the service at Saray Manga; was quite good. Although it takes a very long time for the food to be cooked, and served. The food is great but the price we pay for the portion is not worth it, since most of the plate is filled with salad.

After the lunch, we went to the movies. Since Pixels was movie we both wanted to see, we chose to watch that. The movie was in fact great, though it was quite easily predictable about what was going to happen. It was however funny to watch because of the stupid things Adam Sandler says in the movie. 

The concept of the games coming to life was cool, but it couldn't have been a bit more dramatic. Because besides the little war, there wasn't anything else to the movie. Overall it's a movie that you would watch during a lazy day, and you don't want to many things happening. 

I love spending time with my other half, even if we are doing normal things,  it's always so much more better with him. As long as I spend my birthday with close and loved ones that's all that matters to me. 

Hopefully next week I will be going out with a couple of my friends and my partner to celebrate my belated birthday :) So grateful and thankful being able to live 18 years and Insha'Allah so much more <3

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