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by - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I'm back with another post! Yaaay! This is a review on my quick stop to this new frozen yogurt shop called  'FroYum'. What is FroYum you ask? Well it's a dessert shop where they sell frozen yogurt with toppings of your own that range from strawberry's, mango, jelly type of liquid filled bubbles (which you find in bubble tea) and best of all... NUTELLA!! :D  

FroYum has been a shop, just like Gelato Village that I've been wanting to visit - so, thanks to my amazing partner, I was able to get a small treat from him.

I originally thought that the frozen yogurt would have more of a yogurt taste to it because of the name, but in fact it was so much better than I expected. We chose a vanilla flavor because it was our first time and we just wanted to try something that we are quite used to. The vanilla yogurt was sugar free, which was pretty awesome because it didn't even taste like the yogurt had no sugar :D

For the topping we chose Oreo, and strawberry jelly balls/bubbles. At first I was unsure of having the strawberry jelly balls. But let's just say that it was definitely worth it!

The overall taste of the frozen yogurt was amazing! There was an amazing chocolate taste from the broken oreo biscuit pieces and then the light strawberry flavor from the jelly balls. The pricing of the item was worth it because the taste is just so scrumptious. I, for sure, will be going back there and hopefully try more different combinations and flavoured yogurts they have!

Looks great and tastes delicious! 

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