autumn shoes!

by - Thursday, October 08, 2015

October is here, which means it's finally Autumn. Leaves falling, Dark colours, that's what I love about autumn. The cold weather, well to me that gives me mixed feelings. Though I prefer that over heat, who agrees with me? 

Autumn also means more rain weather, so my everyday shoes was not perfect for that weather at all because just a couple of days a go it got ruined. What does that mean? NEW SHOES! Yesterday I bought these nude/beige ankle boots, which I found from one of those discount shops.The original price of the shoes was for £32.00, and I thankfully only got it for £10.00! What a discount :D I've seen these shoes around a lot, so it is quite trendy at the moment.

I've just worn them for a day, and they are such comfortable pair of shoes. I haven't received any blisters, which is usually what happens with new pair of shoes. The colour is perfect for the autumn season, and it's a pair that could match with not all but most clothes. Today I paired the clothes with purple dress, black jeans, black cardigan, and black scarf. Yeah! That's a lot of black! Can't help it, who doesn't love that colour. It also has a little heel, which is convenient for the weather because it would prevent the shoes water getting inside the shoes, or to prevent the sole tearing apart from the shoes.

So if you are looking for good pair of shoes for the fall, then I would suggest ankle boots, because they are not big like winter boots, so you can even wear it on warm days. The inside material of the boots is leather, and the outside is quite soft, which leaves your feet nice and warm for this autumn weather. The only problem is that the crease marks appear quite quickly, which is something you can't really help.

That's all for today's blog post! Hope you all enjoy the month of October, since Halloween is coming soon, and many of you guys, I know it's something you are looking forward too.

colour doesn't do justice to how it actually is.
close up shot of the front
side of the shoes. 

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