Valentine's Gift Ideas | Urban Outfitters

by - Friday, February 12, 2016


So I popped down Urban Outfitters yesterday with my other half. Whilst he was off trying out tops, I was sitting near the books like always. The book area is very soothing because I just love them. I came across these two books, Me, You and Us and Letters for My Love. 

Me, You and Us is a cute Valentine's gift for your significant half. It's basically a book where you answer the different statements and questions they ask you. That way you document everything, a year's later on, you can come back and read it, and think whether things has changed or still the same. There are things like, 'ideas for matching tattoos', 'things we share', 'reasons we'd stay up all night together' and more. 

Letters to My Love, is beautiful. Letters never go old fashioned, and for penning down things to send to your love is perfect. Each individual letter has something written on the top, and according to that you write down things you want your love to see. Put stickers on it, add a date on it, then when it's all done give it to your other half, for them open on the dates you wish them to. 

If you are confused on what to get, then hope these two items I picked would help any of you out there. It's honestly so sweet. 

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