Has The Definition Of Relationship Changed?

by - Friday, April 15, 2016

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If we look at it terms of the what the dictionary says about relationship it is:
1) The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.
2) The state of being connected by blood or marriage.
3) The way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other.

However if we look at in terms of how we think relationship means, and in the context we use it, is that it is a bond between two or more people, through blood, marriage, law, love, trust and common interests. So as you can see reltionship is quite a broad term, but one thing that I have noticed about this is that it has changed over years. One of the factor that I would say contibutes to this is social media. We love social media, but I guess there is a limit to how far you let it affect you. 

From my experience, and what I've seen, is that just like my previous post on Value To Love, is that the value to relationship has decreased too, since in fact they both connect with one another. People jump from one partner to another when they are over with another, cheat, find someone much more attractive, rich etc. Finding a strong bond between friends are hard because of factors like social media, gossips coming in between or that they are just there for one another in times of needs rather than through thick and thin. Trusts are being broken within couple and friends. The bond between parents and childrens are weakening, as either parents are too traditional, or childrens thinking they know more than parents, or that friends are more important than their own parents. 

Back to the point of social media, affecting relationship, I would say has conributed to this slight downfall within relationships because we are exposed to sensitive items (Pornography), dating websites, apps like Instagram where 'attractive' people are more easily available to 'pree' on. Which in returns creates distrust, high expectation, cheating, and more. 

I mean I understand when relationships don't work out, because of hurt, mistreat, or it simply is best to not be friends or in a relationship. But the change is so much, example couples stay each other with each other for a couple of weeks, and then they break of, next thing you know one of the partner has moved on to another already. Or with friends, it's like one minute you are sharing all your secrets to one person and the next they aren't there anymore.

I don't know. I just wish there was value added importance to love, relationship, trust, family, friends because these are priceless. You don't want to not have anyone in your life, you want it filled with people who are worth it. Of course there will be times where some friends will drift, and new ones enter and that is okay because that is life, but constant change is what I'm saying a no no too. At the end of the day there are reasons as to why some relationships end and sometimes there ain't. Everyone has a different story.

I might be the one just feeling that or others might understand what I'm trying to say. In no ways am I attacking anyone, I'm just stating some confessions that I feel like sharing to my readers.

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