Why The Hate?

by - Friday, April 29, 2016

Does not belong to me.

Ever since the release of the video 'Having An Affair With The Imam' by Dina and Sid. There's been hate comments, and tweets send to them, and it's not the first time this has happened. These two have been criticised by many people, and those people are infact some Muslims. So here is what I have to say about all those comments. 

Firstly they don't put these titles for clickbaits. I mean they are well known, especially Dina, and having such titles isn'y going to make a difference. They have mentioned many times that the titles are what the emailer has put as on their email. And if you don't believe them fair enough, but saying that it's for clickbait all the time its absolutely useless, because Dina and Sid know it ain't, hence your comment becomes unncessary.

Secondly the stories they pick, are yes unusual because we haven't witnessed or heard of it, but I feel that's what great with Dina and Sid show. Topics like the latest one, are actually taboo within the religion, someone isn't going to straight up casually tell their parents, or family members "I'm having an affair with an Imam", or "a guy is asking for nudes" and more. And the fact that they provide responses and tips to the emailer and the rest of the viewers is a good thing. It makes us aware of such situations, and helps us from such situations from escalating.

I mean what is wrong with one Muslim helping another. They are not encouraging the wrong things that are wrong, instead they are shedding light on these taboo topics. Dina and Sid have the intention of helping their viewers, fans and fellow Muslim females and males. When it comes to Interracial Marriage, Bullying, Depression, then there's not too many hate comments. But when it coems to sensitive and taboo subjects then some people instantly have something negative to say. They don't see the intention behind the videos. 

Sometimes the commentors are young people, others are mature enough to think before typing crap about others. There's absolute no use, it's stupidity! Thinking that these comments would actually make a difference. Please think before you type something, think how you are representing yourself. If you want to say something then inbox the person, do not publicly slander and hate on such people who are actually are in inspiration. End of the day forget their career, forget that they are youtubers and bloggers, they are human beings. They matter just as much as you do, so stop before doing something wrong.

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