Road Trip to Birmingham | Bull Ring + Eis Cafe

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hey amours! I'm back with a post! It's been ages, since I've posted on my blog. Honestly deadlines have been the main reason for the lack of updates. I got 3 assignments for December, and a 1 minute film to hand in next week, which I haven't yet shot for. Insha'Allah that will be done this week. Plus, I'm sure many of you guys are in the same situation as I am, and I hope the best to you all! Although the assignments are important, I wanted to get a couple of posts typed up, for me to share soon, because I have missed my blog. 

This post is going to be quite a lengthy one, but I hope you lovelies would enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed travelling, eating, and typing this post up!


Last Thursday, my partner and I decided to go to Birmingham, since we've been wanting to go out of Leicester for a pretty long time, and we wanted to visit Eis Cafe so badly! Our first stop was Star City. What we didn't do was check the opening time for Star City, so when we did arrive, it was still close. But thankfully it wasn't much of a problem because Star City consists of food places, so at 9:30 in the morning, eating at a restaurant just wasn't ideal. Although having said that, I would say that you can always eat no matter what time of the day it is hehe. 


After taking pictures at Star City, we headed to ever so famous place in Birmingham. Bull Ring. I and the Other Half, spent 2 hours going from one floor after and another, just looking at shops and taking pictures. We spent most of our time at Selfridges & Co, and Forever 21, since we don't have one in Leicester. 

Selfridges & Co, was lovely to go into. Who doesn't love a store filled with branded items, my fave section was the Michael Kors bit, because well it's my favorite brand hehe, seeing them gorgeous watches was so tempting honestly! Plus, with the Christmas decorations up, the store looked super beautiful. 


On to one of the food part of the day. MeeCha! I heard so many things about this place, and it definitely was part of my must-visit places list. We ordered the Fruity Lychee bubble tea with tropical pearls! And oh gosh! I freaking loved it, we both did :D It was fruity, sweet and delicious! I could have a million of these.


The next stop before exiting Bull Ring, was My Cookie Dough! I chose the White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookie Dough. because sometimes a mixture of fruit and chocolate is lovely too. Let me just say, last Monday we bought ourselves a Chocolate and Orange Cookie Dough from Pizza Hut, and in comparison to this, I choose My Cookie Dough any day. The cookie dough is so nice and soft that when you pop a spoonful of ice cream and cookie dough into your mouth, it gives you a chewy texture and flavorsome taste!

From there onwards we went to the main highlight of the day, and that was Eis Cafe. We arrived outside the store at 12:15 (the opening time), but unfortunately it wasn't opened yet, because they had gone to pray which was understandable. So, whilst we were waiting, we just walked about on Coventry Road, and popped into various stores that we saw. I think around 12:45, we headed to the shop, and thankfully it had the "Open" sign on the door :D 


We had already done our searching on Instagram, to help us know what to ordered. So, we ordered El Espanol Grilled Sandwich, and a Fruity Locoshake (I don't know the name, since we just showed the picture, and they made it). During the wait, you guys can literally guess what we did hehe. Yep we took pictures! 


And then came our food! First our El Espanol Grilled Sandwich. The sandwich consisted of roasted chicken, roasted peppers, tomatoes, rocket salad, chopped olives and ali oli sauce, along with that there was crisps with homemade cream cheese dip sauce. If I am correct Turkish bread was used for the sandwich, which it why it was not hard to bite into. The grilled sandwich definitely was filled with ingredients hence why it fills your stomach well. 


For the dessert, we had a Fruity Locoshake (I think I'm just going to call it that) made of strawberry (skittles) milkshake, rim rolled with jelly beans, topped with fresh homemade vanilla cream, marshmallows, candy lollies, and candy gloss. Honestly it doesn't look as big as you think it is. When we saw it right in front of us, my partner and I were like "It's not that big", which was a good thing, because next time I will totally order another locoshake with that. We may have left some jelly beans behind, but we finished it all! I am not a keen fan of strawberry milkshake, but the one we had, was so delicious and sweet, I didn't mind having it at all. I think this cost around £8, and to be frank, that is worth it. You for sure paying for what you are getting!


Overall I loved Eis Cafe. The interior design of the cafe is so calm and gorgeous! I love the use of vintage decorations, and wall art. It makes the stay worth it, because you have something in terms of visual, and food. Next time I go back, I do want to order so many more other desserts like cakes, ice cream, locoshakes, and hot/cold drinks. The cafe sure has loads of potential, since it does explore variety of taste and recipes! Insha'Allah they continue to receive many successes.

And that, amours, was the end of the day, as well as this post hehe. My other half and I had such a lovely and amazing time, that it has become one of our memorable days. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post, do let me know in the comment section below. Also, if you do have any suggestions the let me know, because I'm always happy to take them into consideration. From my drafts section on Blogger, it does seem like I have around 3 food posts to type up, and because of the winter season it's most likely that there won't be any fashion posts, so if there's any tips, advice's, views, or question you would like me to share and answer, leave it in the comments.

Thank you!

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