First Ever Meal at Wagamama

by - Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yes finally! Finally, I visited Wagamama. I've walked past it countless time, peeked through the windows, scrolled through photographs, yet never been. And a couple of weeks ago I took the chance to visit the place with the partner (obviously!). I got to say the visit okay, and the only reason I would say that is because of the food choice. Hence why I hope to visit there again, with some choice of foods noted down before ordering. 


I ordered Green Tea for my drink, and the partner ordered well, Coke hehe. I really liked the cute cup the green tea came in. I felt more authentic drinking it from something like than a regular mug. Plus it was free, so I sure took advantage of that, okay well it might have been one of the main reason to order it!


For starters, we ordered Ebi Katsu. This was crispy fried prawns, coated in breadcrumbs and served with sweet chilli sauce and lime. I really liked this because firstly I love prawns, and secondly it was coated well, and having the prawns dipped in sweet chilli sauce definitely made this starter delicious. I was contemplating between this and Lollipop Prawns Kushiyaki, and to be honest, I was tempted to get them both, but the pricing of the food from Wagamama were a bit high for me.


As for the mains, well this it where it went quite wrong. We originally wanted to order Firecracker Prawns Curry, but me being me, I got it wrong when ordering the menu, and ended up ordering the Prawns Cha Han Donburi, only to realise when it arrived that this wasn't what we actually wanted. But we went for it anyways, well I mainly did. The partner didn't enjoy it that much and found it quite heavy, so it filled him up quickly. 

I on the hand had my share, because I've had stir-fried rice like this before since my mum makes food dishes like this. I found that the stir-fried brown rice was heavy for my liking because I'm so used to white rice. I liked how there was egg, prawns, sweetcorn and some vegetables used to create taste, however, my other and I half did find that the taste was quite bland, but I think that the dish was meant to be like that. The only thing I wish, I had known and wasn't shy to ask was to not put mushroom. We both hate mushroom to bits, so we spent a few minutes taking them out. And at the end, a lovely waitress, who came to take the food away, mentioned that next time we can let them know, and they won't put it in. 

Which leads to my next point and that is the service. The service in Wagamama was so lovely. The waitresses that looked after was so nice, and it's unfortunate that I don't remember her name. But she came midway of the lunch and asked if everything was okay, and told us about the mushroom thing at the end.

I definitely want to go back again, and try any of these dishes; Lollipop Prawns Kushiyaki, Prawns Raisukaree, Firecracker Prawns, Prawn Pad-Thai. And if you lovelies have any suggestions (of course Halal), or know which one's I should TOTALLY try from the small list I just typed up above, then do let me know in the comments below.

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