Goal One Reached!

by - Friday, December 30, 2016

Hi amours! It's been long right! I know, and I am sorry about it, but university life is draining me hehe. I got all my first three assignments out the way, as well as a minute film, but it doesn't get easy, because I now have three essays and five minute film to get done after the holidays, which I won't be able to do, since whilst you guys are reading this I am be in Saudi Arabia for Umrah Insha'Allah.

So before I disappear again from my blog (sorry :/) I thought of posting about something meaningful to me other than food (which honestly was going to be a post I was going to put up before going). Plus it would be super convenient to do a motivational/goal type of post before 2017. So recently I got myself a Micheal Kors watch, some of your guys might be thinking well it's just a watch. But to me, it was something big. For quite a few years, it's been a goal of mines to purchase a Michael Kors watch with my own earned money, so the fact that I was able to reach that goal makes me feel so ecstatic Masha'Allah. 

Because of this, I feel that if I put my mind to something, and if I put my effort, and the result shows, then I can definitely reach more upcoming goals. For example, I was able to reach over 30K reads on my blog, by not giving up and actually putting effort and hard work into my blog that it eventually paid off. The same way, no matter what the goal is related to; money, life, food, travelling, blog, work, literally anything I am sure you can reach it too. You just got to strive for it. If you have the passion to reach it, and not give up, then you can tick off all those goals on your bucket list. By all means, create a bucket/goal list, but if you truly want to reach it, work for it. You guys can do it!

Until next time! I will hopefully be back with many travel diaries and food posts. Hope you all look forward to it!

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