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by - Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hey guys! How have you all been? Last Thursday, the partner and I visited Boo Burger! Finally! After seeing posts that were raving about this place in the span of let's say 10 days, we finally met Boo. Seriously, I need to attend a first day launch of a food place, I still yet haven't *inserts crying emoji*.


When you enter the restaurant, you see this lovely stand with a couple of food items that they specialise in. The menu is found on your left when you enter, and it is pretty much straight forward as you guys can see from the photograph.


The place looks pretty simple, and aesthetic and I so appreciate places like that because 'sometimes' it does show how they have researched the customer. What I mean by that is that, majority of the times photographs are always taken, then posted up on social media platforms, and with people who blog about it like me, we totally know how important an aesthetic photograph means hehe.

But if you look at it the 'not so technical way', then having a simple look means there's more attention on other areas like the FOOD. Not just that, but you honestly don't want to be surrounded with so many colours and patterns etc.


So what did we order? 2 Chick-A-Boo, 1 ZiggyFries w/cheese and 1 Regular Drink. I know the burgers besides Chick-A-Boo, and Booloumi, have been mentioned on majority of the posts I've seen on Instagram, but if you any of you guys have been following my blog for a while, then you would know that we always go for the chicken. 

And yes! You get the order buzzer too, once you obviously order. 


The ZiggyFries. When it comes to fries, then I strictly like the thin ones, not fat ones! Even the fries that Boo Burger makes, I don't usually like them in shops that do make them because they are either too potato-ey or not even crispy. But these fries were great! Crispy and cooked to perfection! However the cheese sauce, I, as well as the other half thought it was a tad bit too much! Next time, I may just got for plain ones, or just let them know we went less cheese. 


(more photographs, got carried away with taking loads of pictures)


Onto the best part! CHICK-A-BOO! Oh my gosh! This was so damn delicious! My actual boo loved it, and so did I. The bun was so nice and soft, the sauce was just amazing, and then the chicken! Damn they so know how to cook their chicken properly! Like it legit was such an amazing chicken burger. However a small advice when having their burger, don't take it out the foil, keep half of it wrapped, so that it doesn't get messy hehe. 

Really though! Food in general makes my mouth watery, but from the food I've had, there's quite a few that only makes me want to go back and buy another! It's a shame, I didn't capture too much of the burger, but really though photographs and words wouldn't do justice. 

The only other thing I would say about this burger is the price. £5.50 seems a bit expensive, because if you think about it there isn't anything unique about it other than the sauce. So you are paying for the quality. And can we get triple size Chick-A-Boo too!?


Some of you readers may think that's all we had... Well it wasn't. The partner ordered another Chick-A-Boo, which I regret not taking a half from him because I was so full at that moment. With something different. 


Sticky Bites. What the sauce really is... I don't know. But it was gooooood! The crispy coating of the chicken was great. Although we both wished that there would have been just a bit more, because you really can't keep your fingers away. And because for £4, we had thought we would get a bit more.


(delicious right?)


Lastly the drink. Although what I really mean is the cup. Yes, a mini section dedicated to a cup. I loved the drink cup! It's tall, and for what you are paying it is so worth it. Refills as much as you want in a big cup, I mean you can't go wrong with that. On a hot day, you can even just pop by, purchase a drink, sit there, and then refill whenever you want *laughing emoji*. The cup itself, well I took so many pictures with it hehe. 

Overall! Yas it was amazing! Obviously there a some teeny comments about some of the food, but generally, it was lovely! I would definitely go back again, because if the food is delicious, then there is no problem in visiting the place! Other than the food,  I will quickly comment about the service and customer service. It was fast and amazing. Once we placed the order, it took less than 10 minutes for the buzzer to buzz to notify us that our food was ready. 

And the customer service, well they were friendly. We even met the manager of Boo, who was around to ask about how the food was, as well as offered to get a milkshake, which was really nice of him. Milkshake will be a must to try when we go back. 

Hope this post helps anyone that has been thinking about visiting the place. And if you are a beef lover, then you've got a wider variety of selections. Enjoy! <3

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