Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.2 | Ziyaarat in Madinah

by - Thursday, April 06, 2017

Hey, guys! Here's part 2, to the travel diaries. This post is about some little trips we made to important and beautiful places in Madinah, kind of like sightseeing, although it kind of feels wrong saying that hehe. But it's the closest explanation to what we did. 

We started the day of by visiting Masjid - E - Quba first. Masha'Allah this masjid is so beautiful. This is one of the main Masjid's mentioned when people talk about Madinah. One of the reasons why is because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), said that '"He who purifies himself at his home and comes to Masjid Quba and offers two rakats therein, will be rewarded the reward of an Umrah (lesser pilgrimage).” Subhan'Allah, how beautiful is that.


Hence why, when we did visit the Masjid, my family did just that. The masjid looks simple and seeing the amount of Muslims that come and go, is amazing Masha'Allah. Honestly, this masjid is always filled with many Muslims. 


Whilst I was waiting, I saw this little kitten next to me. It's was so cute Masha'Allah, and was so enjoying his rest. It is normal seeing many kittens around, and the thing is, they aren't scary, and nor do they act wild, and run away from you. 


The next stop was Masjid - E - Qiblatain, also known as the Masjid of the two Qiblas. Before Rajab 2 AH, the direction of the Qibla was facing towards Bait-Al-Maqdis. However, after Asr on Rajab 2 AH, the Prophet was commanded by a revelation from the Qur'an, to change the Qibla direction to the Kab'ah. And that is why is this Masjid is also known as the one with the two Qiblas. The old Qibla direction is covered up, hence leaving the ONLY Qibla direction. 


There wasn't much to see or do around this location, besides pray inside the Masjid. Which is what we did. 

Onto the next location, Mount Uhud. This is the place where the Battle of Uhud took place. Below the mountains, you have quite a few men and women, selling fabrics, accessories, kajoor (dates), prayer mats and more. It's always nice to browse around!


Just across the mountain, you see a wired place, that specific area is where 73 Sahaba's are buried. Subhan'Allah, this time I was able to see all these places, the first time I came to Saudi Arabia, my family and I didn't get to experience all this. We read about all these historical stories/places in books, but when you visually see it, it's even more blessed. 


(Pictures of the location)


Obviously I climbed it. I mean it wasn't that high, so why not. And it was worth it. The view was so beautiful Masha'Allah. Seeing the mountains in the distance, with cars and people at the bottom. I mean it was amazing. Sometimes it's not about the city life. 



That was about it for the day. We headed back to the hotel, and went along with our usual evening/night routine, of going to the Masjid, praying, eating and a bit of shopping! I hope you all enjoyed reading the post! Part 3, to the travel diaries will be about a mini stop to Badr. Hope you all look forward to that. 

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