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by - Friday, March 31, 2017

FOOD! Yes a food post! Honestly I've come to a love and hate relationship with food posts, because majority of the time it's all I post about it, and it's my fault for not having a variety of posts ready on other topics, and when I don't know what to post about, food ones always come to the rescue. I don't really know how I still have some piled up in my drafts section!

A month ago (excuse my very late review), the partner and I FINALLY visited Toro's! The sole reason why we haven't visited places like Toro's, Kobe, is because of the late timing. They open after 5 during weekdays, and when they do open during the daytime on the weekends, I basically have plans, or spending time with the family. But thankfully, on a Sunday during February, we made it into the restaurant :D


The interior design of the restaurant is pretty simple, on one side of the wall there was an illustration about how you want you meat cooked, what part of the meat you want etc. And on the other side there was just a contrast of different walls, as you guys can see above. 


The partner ordered Lamb Steak (Well Done) with Pasta, Chips, and Gravy Sauce. Neither I or my partner are okay with having our meat cooked any other way besides well done. We've never tried it, but I don't think we ever will. We are just those type of people that want fully cooked meats. 


My other half LOVED it! Like literally. It's sometimes hard to please him. He loves food, and even though he ain't no master chef, he's more critical about food then I am. When I mean he loved it, I was talking about the Lamb Steak. It was delicious. It was cooked well, and despite that it was easy to cut, and enjoy. The gravy just made having the lamb even better! My partner kindly gave some of his lamb steak, and you know what, I so had to resist myself from going for another, because it was so much BETTER than my Chicken Fillet. Next time I am so ditching my chicken, for this. The chips and pasta, were alright, but honestly the main thing to talk about was the Lamb Steak, and that has been reviewed.


I ordered Chicken Fillet with Pasta, Chips and Gravy too. Of course, I found no fault in the Chicken Fillet, because it was cooked perfectly, and delicious for sure. The gravy was the same for me too, it definitely did add an extra touch/taste to the food <3 The pasta in mine and my partners opinion, was that it was pretty simple, and I guess that's due to not have it overpower the main meat, however I so wouldn't have minded if the pasta had more sauce, or spiciness to it. The chips... Well it's your standard chips hehe. One thing we both loved, was how long the food stayed warm for. Since we always take about 5-10 minutes taking photographs, it was nice to know our dishes weren't getting cold.


Basically, I'm glad we went to Toro's since it'seems finally off the bucket list. Overall it was yummy! It was filling, and delicious! We would so go back for the Lamb Steak, and maybe anything with Prawns. But if anyone has tried anything else besides Beef (Don't really like it), then be sure to let me know in the comment section below!

P.S next up on my bucket list is Kobe so watch out for a review ;) Don't know when that is though to be honest.

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