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1. Never Ever
2. Shopping Mall
3. Paradise
4. Sign
5. Go Higher
6. Q
7. 양심없이 (Don't Care)
8. Out


DAAAAAMNN! This album <3 I mean I loved Turbulence, personally, it for sure is my fave album from the trilogy, but Arrival definitely has a special place in my heart already. Arrival is amazing in a whole new level! Why I say this, is because of how all the members had an input in the lyrical part of the mini album.  

(Just mentioning what the members participated in which song, I know the artists are part of it too)
- Shopping Mall: JB (Defsoul), Jackson, BamBam, Mark
-Paradise: Jinyoung, BamBam
- Sign: Youngjae
- Go Higher: JB (Defsoul), Mark, BamBam, Jackson
- Q: JB (Defsoul)
- Don't Care: Yugyeom
- Out: Jackson

Some of my favourites from Flight Log: Arrival are Never Ever (OBVS), Shopping Mall, Paradise (Hell Yes!), and Sign. I can really listen to Never Ever and Paradise over and over again. I read through the lyrics of each song, and it's beautiful. What I adore about this album, is there are various vibes you get from each track. The majority of the songs are upbeat, but the unique melodies of the tracks, allows you to listen to listen to certain songs during a particular time. For example, on a long drive, I would put Sign or Q. When I'm just in that great mood, then I would listen to Never Ever/Paradise/Shopping Mall. Or if I am working out then, Go Higher it is. Plus the line distribution of the tracks from the album is pretty good, Paradise being one of them <3

BASICALLY, I LOVE THIS ALBUM! So go share love by playing them songs again and again, and watching the MV of Never Ever on REPEAT!

(P.S I can't wait for Monsta X's comeback!)

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