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by - Wednesday, March 08, 2017

We didn't just have what you see on the header image! Obviously not, otherwise it would be a standard post! So hey guys! How have you all been doing, How's March treating y'all? I'm good, and thankfully for me, March is quite a busy month this year, and I am liking that, got quite a few occasions that's dear to me, so I can't wait for them! This post clearly needs no intro, so let's get you guys scrolling through it. 

Visit One:


Clearly, this visit was back when the British weather was feeling really cold towards us. I don't always get hot drinks from Baker St Cakes because I love their cold drinks collection! It's my fave, which I will come onto later on. But when I do get a hot drink it's usually their Hot Chocolates despite being a coffee person. The reason is simply because they make damn good hot chocolate!


Raspberry and Coconut Cupcake; Ooo! I love coconuts! It's one delicious fruit, that goes well with quite a few flavours, one being Raspberry. Though the cupcake is filled with Raspberry in the centre, it doesn't take the Coconut flavour away, which you can taste through the coconut shavings and cream <3


Chocolate Biscoff Smores; I've posted about this cupcake before, but there's no harm talking about it quickly. What I love about this cupcake is that it is filled with quite a few flavours, and honestly, sometimes that is what you just needed. The meringue is perfect and the amount of Lotus Biscoff spread used in the centre is just right because they balance each other. And frankly, this cupcake is the main reason I am in love with the Biscoff biscuit.


Raspberry and White Chocolate Cookie Sandwich; For my partner and I, when there is a cookie sandwich then we got to try it because you don't always have them hehe. It was lovely.  Since we always go during the early opening hours, the cookie sandwich didn't get a chance to settle down to the room temperature so it wouldn't be hard to eat, but let me just say whether I waited or not, this cookie was so nice and sweet (don't worry it was not soo sweet).


Onto the macarons, Chocolate Truffle; Well this was exactly like its name. It was a simple chocolate truffle macaron, and don't take it the wrong way because it's nice to have a simple/one flavour item at times, and honestly, if you just want to have something chocolate like, then go for this.

Ispahan Macaron; There was an Ispahan Cupcake, so why not a macaron version. I adore Lychees, and this macaron was perfect. It's got both raspberry + lychee and it's lovely. I love how there's more of a lychee flavour hehe.


And lastly Orange Pistachio Milk Chocolate; The closest chocolate that I compare this to is Terry's Orange. There was less Pistachio flavour, but honestly, it's not too hard to please me, so even with Orange and Chocolate, I am fine with this macaron <3

Visit Two:


Jasmine Lotus Tea; You guys remember how I just mentioned a few scrolls above that I only get Hot Chocolates, well this time I was able to something new from the Tea Collection, and that was the Jasmine Lotus Tea. As for as I remember, they usually serve this in mugs, so this time they went for the idea of placing the Jasmine Lotus in the pot. The Pot. May I just say how gorgeous it looks! Love it <3 It's kind of hard thinking about how to describe it, but I can say that the flavour was there, and it was a nice flavour. Having the Lotus in a pot is a good idea because you get more for two people, and it's nice to have something refreshing along with your cupcakes and macarons.


Rocky Road; You heard right! Baker St Cakes just knows how to win hearts. It's legit hard to find Halal Rocky Roads, unless you make it, or hunt for it really deep. So when BSC bought it out, there really wasn't a decision to make. It HAD to be ordered. The Rocky Road was delicious, you could taste the richness of the chocolate, wafers, and marshmallows, and to be honest I wouldn't mind if there were more marshmallows because I appreciate marshmallows :D <3


Raspberry Rose Pistachio; This cupcake doesn't need a paragraph because I have talked about it many times, hence why I continue to order it because it's a yummy cupcake for sure!


Creme Brulee Macaron; One of my favourites. I find it hard describing some items, and the reason is that majority of the times, I just love to enjoy my food, and despite it being yummy, I forget the taste of it. That is the current case. I don't remember too much, but I do remember instantly falling in love with it. Also, I'm pretty sure I ordered this on another visit.


Raspberry + Coconut Macaron; Yep another item related to those flavours hehe. And as always it was delicious!


Chocolate Cookie Sandwich; A chocolate goodness. This is all you need if you have serious chocolate crave. Its texture is not too hard which means you get a nice chewy bite, and the fact that there are small white chocolate pieces within the cookies, means you get a nice bite of everything!

You. Yes, you. Congrats on getting half way through the past! :P

Visit Three:


Praline Paris Brest; A famous one, and definitely dear to my heart! This is out quite a lot of times, but I like to get them on rare occasions because I really don't want to get sick of it since it is filling and really scrumptious. So when I do order it, then I love to enjoy it properly because the fillings, as well as the choux pastry, is well made.


Mint Oreo Cupcake ft. Creme Brulee; Baker St Cakes are amazing at their fillings/icings. They make sure that those two sections are filled with good flavours so that when you take a scoop, you can taste it all. Which just means that the Mint Oreo Cupcake was delicious!


Master Peanut Butter Brownie; Any peanut butter fans reading at the moment? If you are then this is for you. This legit is the best peanut butter brownie. I loved how it wasn't a cakey brownie, so it was more chewy/doughy and so scrumptious to have! I so prefer this over the original master brownie, 100 times! :D


(Just wanted to post these two pictures of the Raspberry Rose Pistachio because I loved it)


Honey Cake; From ALL cakes I've had from Baker St Cakes so far, forget what I have said about it, and just remember this instead. This cake is my favourite cake from them all. The Honey Cake consists of Honey and Walnut. It is not your typical cake, and that is what I adore about it. This is something you have to have in order to understand what I mean because it is hard to explain it until you've tasted it. So yes, I'm giving you guys an excuse to go next time they have this! :D

Visit Four:


( L O V E )


Raspberry Lemon Meringue; I was so glad when I saw this in the boutique. I've been missing this cupcake because I love the combination in this cupcake. BSC's meringues are no joke. They are so smooth, and they add such lovely texture and taste to the entire cupcake.


Strawberry Oreo Cupcake; Have you had Strawberry Swiss Roll? That's what this basically is. The cupcake has easily knocked down some of my top cupcakes because it's is so damn good. This is not just what I feel, but the partner loved it so much too. We were meant to share the first one together, but he loved it so much that he had it all for himself, and I had to order another to see why, and when I had it I totally understood! When I had it, I instantly recognised the taste. It was just like a Swiss Roll, and I love that cake! 


And I'm done! Woah, that was a long post! But to be honest I feel this is much easier than doing so many individual posts because at least if it's repetitive then it's happening in one post. Hopefully, you all enjoyed the post, whether you read it fully or half way. Don't worry, I have some cool posts planned for this month, so it won't just be food food food. 

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