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Hey, guys! I'm back! I've been pretty inactive on my blog (only), and I did mention them on my Instagram (which you should follow for a more regular update). Basically, I didn't know where my blog was going, whether people wouldn't mind reading food/travel posts constantly, and just, in general, I wasn't feeling it. But now, I'm back, with motivation, and ready to get into blogging again! Oh! And by the way, in case there are any new readers, I have got a youtube channel running, with some videos for you to watch, they are obviously related to food and travel, but I hope you guys enjoy it. 

But anyway, here's the post!

So on 15th September, it was my 20th birthday! And this required a celebration hehe, so on the day my other half and I went to Memsaab to have lunch. Memsaab is a place that holds memories for us since we've celebrated past occasions there too. And because we've been to so many places, which limited out options on which places to go, we ended up choosing Memsaab since it's been a good 1-2 years since we had been back.

For our starters, my other half got the Chicken Tikka Shashlick, and I ordered Chicken Pakora. Both were delicious. The Chicken was nice and tender, and definitely was the same as our previous visits (meaning standards/recipe did not change :D)

As for the mains. We got Chicken Tikka Masala (barbecued chicken tikka simmered in a creamy tandoori sauce) with Rice, and Butter Chicken Masala (tender chicken fillets in a creamy yet spicy butter sauce) with Naan. We loved the CTM (Chicken Tikka Masala) it's something we always get when we go Memsaab because the sauce is creamy, not spicy and just delicious to have with either rice or naan. The BCM (Butter Chicken Masala), was different. First time ordering it and it was good. But I felt it contained a '"good" amount of butter, as it was quite heavy to have. So instead if you are a person that doesn't want that, then I would definitely recommend the Garlic Chilli Chicken because the curry is less thick, and you get some spiciness from that dish.

(bit of everything on the plate)

All in all, it was a great start to the day! <3

Onto the desserts! It obviously had to be at Baker St Cakes. Please, they are our favourite. Like always, we didn't just go for one or two items. We ordered Birthday Cake, Coconut Chocolate Cake, Oreo Brownie, and Ispahan Macaron.

The Birthday Cake was yummy. It's basically Victoria Sponge Cake if I'm correct, topped with sprinkles. You guys always know how much I rave about any items from BSC, they just never go wrong with what they bake. But this cupcake was great, subtle because of the simple Victoria sponge, but then with the sprinkles, it adds that texture and sweetness. 

The Coconut Chocolate Cupcake in one word is BOUNTY. The cupcake had a Belgian chocolate filling in the middle, with coconut cream on the top, dipped in Belgian chocolate again, and finished with some coconut flakes. And the balance was just right. I honestly wouldn't mind if there were more coconut, but you got to cater for everyone, which BSC does best!

I got to say the Oreo Brownie, was my favourite. Fudgy but not so fudgy, and definitely not cakey. It's how I love my brownies. I'm always wanting brownies, so whenever BSC have it there, I literally take advantage it. And as far as brownie rankings go, because I've made one up, the Master Brownie is still number one, and then the Oreo Brownie, and then I think it's a tie between peanut butter and blondie. 

Which leaves me with the end of day one birthday celebration. Once I got back home, there was another mini celebration, with family, but I didn't take pictures, videos to share because it was intimate. Continue reading because as you can see, there's a day two too!

D A Y    T W O

On day two, we went to Karamay (love Chinese food). For starters, we ordered Grilled Prawns and Grilled Lamb Skewers (no dumplings this time). And it was goooooood! We can't get enough of these two starters. The lamb was so tender, yet chewy, and the prawns were grilled so well, packed with amazing flavours!

We also ordered Sweet and Sour Prawns. My other half and I love prawns. Such a delicious seafood. This dish was lovely because there were so many big pieces of prawns, and the sauce was thick consistency which was good because we good have it just like that without having to order rice or noodles. From this dish, we do pick on the prawns and layer it with the sauce that it comes from, and it basically is left with veggies, which is not always finished hehe.

And lastly, we ordered the prawn noodles.  An item we get pretty often, but I think we have decided that next time we are going to go for the handmade noodles, after all, that's what they specialise in. But this dish was yummy. Enough noodles for two, with a good amount of veggies, and prawns (but I think in this visit because we ordered items that have prawns, there wasn't much left to put in the noodles :P).

Day two lunching done! 

Now, this part of the day was unplanned. Originally we had planned to go out of Leicester but the weather clearly did not want that to happen so it was cancelled. The second plan was to go, Bowling, which we did. Entered the place, only to find out that all lanes were booked, so that was a no-no. Which left us with no option. But the partner had other plans. Whilst driving, I kept nagging him and asking him where we were going, and when we got onto the motorway, I knew it was either going to be Birmingham or Coventry. Turned out it was Coventry!

More specifically CREAMS!! <3 So we got in and was told to wait around 5 minutes, which was amazing, because if they had told us that the wait would have been long, then it would have been upsetting. Once our wait was over, we got seated with the menu's handed to us. The menu was BIG, which made it difficult to order. But we ordered the Sweetshop Bubble Pop Waffle, White Choc Kiss Waffles and Citrus Mojito Mocktail.

The vibe of the place itself is mad. People are constantly leaving and coming to the place. You would find families, couples, huge groups of friends at Creams, which clearly shows how popular it is. And the interior decor of the place was gorgeous! Love the purple, black and white theme! Once we ordered, the dessert wait wasn't too long. After about 10-15 minutes they arrived.  


Let's start off with the Citrus Mojito Mocktail. I've had my fair share amount of Mocktails, and it's a hit and miss with it. But from all of them, this is the best. Here's why. The mint/lime/lemon was not overpowering, so many places either make the lime or mint overpowering, that it just makes it not so enjoyable (unless you like it). There were crushed ice but not millions of them, which made it so refreshing to have, and we were actually able to taste the drink. This is how mocktails are meant to be. 

This is what the description of the sweetshop bubble pop waffle is; "blue and pink bubblegum gelato scoops drizzled with bubblegum syrup and strawberry sauce liberally sprinkled with 100s & 1000s". You'd think it's so so sweet but it wasn't because of the bubble pop waffle (or maybe because I am used to sweetness). The gelato! And yes it was gelato! Not ice cream claimed as gelato. But actual gelato. When I had a scoop, I asked my partner whether it was gelato because it tasted just like it, and he said yeah, they do gelatos. AWESOME! 

The only thing about the bubble pop waffle was that it got difficult to eat because of the cone it was in. So because the other half and I already killed the waffles before having this, the partner suggested to just place the whole bubble pop waffle on to the plate which we did. That definitely made everything easier. 

The White Choc Kiss Waffles! If anyone asks me about waffles and Leicester, then I say there really isn't a decent place that does it well, besides Johnny Custard (which I'm sorry to say is now beaten by Creams). I'm being brutally honest. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was after having my first bite of this waffle, because it was fluffy on the inside, yet crispy on the out. Had the right amount of toppings on the waffles (technically it was all covered), with great vanilla ice cream! It was perfect! Legit! 

I'm fussy over waffles. Hence why in Leicester when I crave waffles, there really isn't a place that comes to mind. But Creams made it all worth it. And what makes me even happier is that Creams has arrived in Leicester (yet construction though). So once they open, honestly expect my partner and I to be there. My day was definitely made. The drive to Coventry was worth it and despite the rainy weather on the way back, my other half and I did not regret it. 

Talking about all these desserts, makes me want it again. And I'm sure some of you guys are drooling over the pictures too. So I will end the post here. I hope you all enjoyed the post. If there are any places you guys want me to review about then let me know. Also, there are 2 birthday vlogs that are going to be up on the channel. The first one will be up tonight, so watch out for my post on Instagram! THANKS, GUYS! <3

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