Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.6 | Ziyaarat in Makkah

by - Friday, August 18, 2017

Hi, guys! Let's get onto the next part of the journey! I apologise for not knowing specific location names because a local relative took us around, so we were able to visit places that not many visitors would know about besides the locals. 

The first destination we headed to was this nice plain desert'y area where there were quite a few camels staying at. Masha'Allah the view was just so beautiful, there wasn't much to the area beside sandy ground and mountains, but the simplicity was what made the scenery worth looking at.


Whilst we were there, I walked about and took pictures. This is a place that would be so nice to just take strolls at, and have some Me Time because of the lack of human presence hehe. 

(You see what I mean, MASHA'ALLAH <3)

Yep! There was fresh camel milk too. I did not have it, but some of my family members had no problem trying it. 

(Clearly, I didn't stop)


From there, we went to the place where the Hudaibiyah treaty was held. Subhan'Allah some foundation of the buildings are still there, allowing us to get a little understand of how it was during the Prophet's time. The women's prayer section was outside, but honestly, there was no problem, with that at all. 


(The Masjid from the outside)



The next destination was the Exhibition of the Holy Masjid Architecture. Inside the exhibition, there were plannings of the Haram, ancient items like the Zam Zam. I didn't take too many photographs in because I was busy looking at each item properly and reading the descriptions (which was so useful Alhumdulillah).



Us Muslim's know the importance of Cave of Hira, and Subhan'Allah we got to see the mountain. There were some Muslims that climbed the mountain, and that is beautiful Masha'Allah. It's not easy because the mountain is filled with so many stones/rocks, plus it was very high as you can see on the 3rd picture. But some Muslims did make it <3

By the time we finished from the Cave of Hira area, it was nearing to Zuhr time, so we headed to Al Rajhi Masjid. One of the largest Masjids in Makkah, and definitely so beautiful. Masha'Allah <3 This masjid, not only looks so beautiful from the outer structure, but it's also the same inside. It really is a well looked after Masjid.



It was so peaceful, and heart warming praying in this Masjid. Also, the Adhaan was beautifully recited. After my sister and I prayed, we thought we would just check out other places in the Masjid out of curiosity hehe. What we loved was that there was a refrigerator which had water bottles, and with the warm weather that is in Saudi Arabia, water was definitely essential. So my sister and I grabbed some, and Alhumdulillah it was free. Such simple gestures like this are lovely. The wudhu area was really clean, and really spacious, which was so good.



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