Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.5 | Food

by - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hi, guys! I'm back. This post is filled with some food I had during my stay in Makkah.


I don't remember the name of the stall where I got this from, but it wasn't far from Burger King in the Zam Zam Clock Tower. There were limited options when I was told what they could offer, so I went with Oreo. And I loved it! I liked waiting for a little while before having it because it tasted less icy, because of the cold plate they roll the ice cream on. Unlike BK, McDonalds etc, this wasn't planned because I didn't know there was a stall that did this, but when I saw it, I had to because you don't get it in Leicester, unfortunately. I hope you enjoy the mini video at the end of how it was made.


Next place was Burger King. The chips were cooked perfectly, the Chicken Whopper was delicious, and the thin long can was cute. But the price was shit. What I mean was that it's overpriced. And that's just how it is. But personally, I don't think I will go BK again when I am in an Arabian country because I can get double the quantity from McDonald's and pay the similar amount. Hey, at least I got it ticked off my list!


This meal was ordered by my sister, but one thing that I did notice and love about KFC in Saudi was the proportion. For what you pay, you get a good amount of various items (depending on what meal you choose), and you can get filled up with it. Also, it's great that with certain meals they give buns as part of it, because then you can just great your own burger too.


It's not me if I don't have something coffee related! So on the last day, I popped by a stall that I had walked past by quite a few times and ordered a Frappuccino from there. The Frappuccino was quite nice, I felt like it definitely could have been better. For a frappuccino, it was too chocolatey. But the consistency was perfect, just how it should be, and definitely strong in coffee!



B       A       S       K       I       N


R       O       B       B       I       N       S


I visited Baskin Robbins 3 times. Did I regret it? No!! I became a fan of Baseball Nut! I usually always go for cookie dough/brownie/chocolate related. But the options were a lot, and during my first visit, I thought I would go for the Baseball Nut, and it was just soo good! It's basically vanilla ice cream with cashews and raspberry sauce. I think on another visit I got something hazelnut related but I don't remember. Either way the two times I got my ice cream in a cup, I asked for extra nuts, and that just made it so much better! On my last visit (literally 1 hour before leaving for the airport), my small sister and I made a quick visit again, and this time got an ice cream on a cone!

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