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by - Monday, July 17, 2017

Hey guys, how are you'll doing? I've got a few things I want to say before I get into the post. The first announcement is that I have got a youtube channel now. It was something I had in mind since last year, and I have finally got on with it. Having said that the channel is managed by my partner and I. So I film footages, whilst he does the same, and then the partner is usually the one editing the videos since I am not great in that area yet (I'm learning tho). 

At the moment it isn't a vlog vlog; but more like videos that capture journey's, food etc. But I will just call it a vlog. For now, the plan is to post vlogs on travel and food, and then as time goes on, it may change. We already have one video up, and by the time you finish reading this post, there will also be a video on this dessert place linked below. So please do show your support, by liking, commenting and subscribing!

Next thing I want to say is that, to all those who have graduated this year, CONGRATULATIONS! University is not easy, and also not for everyone. So whoever has gotten through those 3/4 years of work, assignments, exams, I am honestly so happy for you guys! I pray that you guys get the job you desire, and even if you don't. Just don't ever give up reaching for your goals!

Now let's get into this post.

On Friday, the other half and I went to House Of Desserts. A place that recently opened this year, and is located near our favourite place... Baker St Cakes. We've seen Instagram photographs around, and the desserts looked good that we had to go check it out.  We got there 10 minutes before the opening time, and when it was time, we went in! The interior design of the place is simple and quite pleasing. I like the aesthetic touch they have put around like frames and the flame display. 

We were given a tablet because that was the menu. No physical copy, which is different, as usually we are given the standard menu in every other shop. From the menu, we ordered a Churro Basket with White Chocolate and Raspberry Ice Cream and Oreo Monster Freakshake. Whilst we were waiting, there was a father and daughter that were doing the same too. And what I liked was the young girl was asked whether she wanted to use the tablet to watch something, which shows the good customer service that is provided in this place.

The wait was long. I mean 30-40 minutes long. I think it was because of the Churro Basket because Freakshakes are usually made within 20 minutes, but still, we hated waiting for that long! Both the freakshake and churro basket arrived (as we like it arriving together, helps with taking pictures). 

The Oreo Monster Freakshake was lovely. The milkshake itself was on point. It wasn't too thick and too creamy, which was great because it didn't feel heavy having it. The closest comparison that the partner compared it to was the Oreo Krushems from KFC, which I so agree on. I also loved how they surround the jar with so much NUTELLA. I mean that is very generous. I actually was surprised that it was Nutella because Nutella is not that cheap, and with the amount they used I wouldn't have been surprised if they used a normal melted milk/hazelnut chocolate. So thank you HOD! 

The brownie was quite nice, definitely made the way a brownie should be made like. However, the cupcake wasn't the best. I feel if better Chocolate Muffin was used then the whole freakshake would be great all round. Having said that we did manage to finish the majority of it (I thought we couldn't because it looked B.I.G in reality).

The Churro Basket is what we devoured first because we spent ages with taking videos and photographs, that we thought it would get hard. But in fact, it remained soft which was good because you don't want to be biting through a hard Churro. A Churro Basket isn't something that is easily available in Leicester, so I am glad that this place brought it to Leicester. However, I feel that it was a bit too cinnamon-ey and a tad bit too soft inside. If the outside was a bit more hard, giving the crunch from the outer and softness from inner then it would have been great. 

Lastly the price. The other half and I felt the price was a bit overpriced (by £1-2). The freakshake was £9, and the Churro Basket was £9 (if bought with Vanilla Ice Cream then £8, otherwise £1 extra for choosing a HoD Ice Cream). From past dessert visits, we know that we know that freakshake costs between £6-8 quid. And although a Churro Basket is new, I think £7 is a decent price for it. But I may not be well experienced to say that, but it is a personal opinion.

Overall I can see the place being popular, and doing well. It just needs a few tweaks here and there. But otherwise, I am really liking what this place has to offer. I like the HoD exclusive section from their menu because that is the unique dessert items that you may not find in Leicester a lot. Do pop by, and personally see what is like. You will definitely get Instagram-worthy shots, as well as a sugar overload! Plus the service they provide is great! 

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