Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.4 | Makkah

by - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hi, guys! I'm taking forever with these travel diary posts, but here's the fourth part of the series! After our stop in Badr, we made our way to Makkah, which wasn't a long journey. We got there, I think, after Esha. Upon reaching Makkah, we went to our hotel first, to put all our suitcases etc away. Then straight after that, without any delay, we performed Umrah. 

But just before performing Umrah, the walk to the Haram was just beautiful. The feeling of being back in this Holy city is undescribable. Muslims were either going in or coming out of the Haram, and just, in general, the atmosphere was perfect subhan'Allah. Umrah went like this; Tawaaf, Saee, then cutting/shaving of hair. If you guys want an in-depth of how Umrah is performed then I have mentioned it in my previous Umrah blog post which is linked HERE.


(Zamzam Clock Tower)

(Lounge area in the Hotel)

The hotel wasn't the best. But still grateful that we had a place to stay over at during our stay in Makkah. However, we eventually did move to another in the last couple of days hehe. We did visit during a warm season, although to be honest when isn't it hot/warm in Saudi. So even though we had A/C in the room, it was crap (one of the main reasons we moved). The lack of plug sockets in the room was annoying, which leads me to my next point of... THERE WAS WIFI ONLY IN THE LOUNGE AREA. I know we shouldn't bother about it, but there were times it just caused us inconvenience. 


(Night Time - Zamzam Clock Tower)

Our main routine during our stay in Makkah was that after Esha we would go to the Haram and perform 2/3 tawaaf. For our namaaz; it was a change between the Haram, Prayer room in the Zamzam Tower, or hotel because the reward masha'Allah is the same. So Fajr Namaaz would be in the hotel, then we would sleep till 11ish. Zuhr Namaaz would be in Hotel, then we would either do shopping if needed, pray Quran, eat etc. Then Asr namaaz would be in Hotel/or Zamzam Tower. After Asr depending on where we were; if in Hotel, then we would head to Zamzam Tower, and if we were already in Zamzam Tower then my small sister and I would go looking around in the shopping mall area. Maghrib namaaz would be at Zamzam Tower. After that, we would go back to the hotel to eat, pray Esha then off to the Haram. And then the routine would R E P E A T.


(Subhan'Allah. Masha'Allah)

Overall I performed two Umrah's whilst we were in Makkah. One in the beginning and one towards the end of our stay. Alhumdulillah. One thing that became a habit, was that on the way back from the Haram to the hotel, I would buy Mango Ice Cream (fresh and so creamy!!) from a stall that was just nearby. Besides the cold Zamzam water, having this was so refreshing, Plus it was only about a quid, so why not. 


That's the end of this post. I think this series is going to be a 10 part series, because I don't want to cram too many pictures and words in a post. Hence why I break it by places or days. But I'm still hoping that you guys have been enjoying these posts. If this post happens to be the first post you've stumbled upon from the travel diaries then don't worry I have you sorted. Below I have linked the previous blog posts, so just click on the first one and begin the journey. 

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