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Hi, guys! How have you all been? I am so sorry I haven't been posting for the past 2 weeks, I have been busy with a work placement, and due to long shifts, by the time I get home, I am honestly tired. But now that it's over I am back with weekly posts! 

Eid 2017, was a beautiful day, I got to spend it with the loved ones, that it definitely was memorable. So I really didn't do much on the day, hence why the post is going to be focused on the outfit, but I hope you guys don't mind that since I actually haven't done a fashion post in ages! The dress as you guys have seen, from the photographs, was from Saudi Arabia. It's two-piece set. So you get a purple maxi dress, with half sleeves, and a lace maxi jacket with gold details as you can see. 

The nails were from Primark. I usually get all my fake nails from there because it's cheap and pretty long lasting for me. I loved how matching the nails was with the outfit #matchinggoals. To be honest they just make your hand stand out more. 

Please excuse my weird hand, but I had to show my mendhi as always. I got both hands done by HennaByHumaira on Instagram and here's the link. It was so lovely of her and definitely was nice meeting her. Our conversations were so random but casual! 

(how'd they spell my name wrong *cryingface)

Guys! Just look at the details <3 It's beautiful. The gold really did add a lovely touch to the outfit. Thankfully I even got a matching purse. Thinking back at the outfit, I actually did a good job at matching my outfit with accessories etc. 

Basically, that was my outfit. This post lacked the words, but I hope the photographs made up for it, and I hope you guys liked my outfit. I also usually do an outfit details section at the bottom of every fashion posts so you guys know where I got each item from, but for this outfit, I, unfortunately, can't do that.

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