#advicebyrabia | results day equals anxiety!

by - Thursday, August 20, 2015

Majority of you all, have either already got your A/AS results, or going to be getting your GCSE results, either way they are both terrifying. You have many thoughts for round your head, about whether you did good or bad, whether you did enough revision, or if your parents are going to be happy with your grades or not.

I recently just got my AS results, and let's just say that it was okay. I received 3 C's and 1 B. It could have been much better. It's disappointing when you do so much revision, and you think that it will hopefully pay off when seeing the results but instead it's the opposite. Now I was glad I passed, because that meant I could continue what I wanted to do.

But it was still quite an unsatisfying feeling. Not only that but having to go home and tell my mum the results was hard too. Since she's the Asian kind of parent that wants her kid/s to have A's. Which honestly is not a nice pressure to put on a child. Motivation is something else but being compared to someone else is just a b*tch.

What I'm trying to say is that, of course results are important(right now), but don't let it be the number one focus; if you did good then that's great for you, but if you did bad, then it's not the end of the world. Just keep your head down and work more harder to reach to the point you want.

Don't let that piece of paper rule your entire life. The cleverest people aren't always the most successful ones because it all comes down to your ability, attitude, and yourself. Why do university bother about personal statements and references? Because it's not all about the results only. Grades don't define you. 

There's always other options, if you are not able to get into a college or university then always look ahead, and discover other options, don't let your initial plan be the only one. There are other pathways like, apprenticeship, starting you own business, or getting a full time job. Choose what you think is best for you, and will benefit you in the long term. 

Surround yourself with people who will always support and understand you, because at times like this you may just need your family and friends. Don't do the opposite and hide yourself in your bedroom regretting how bad it went and blaming everything on yourself. Because you tried as much as you could. 

I'm going to end my advice/rant here. Good luck to everyone getting the results. And to all those who got good results or not - give yourself a pat on your back because you've still reached to this point. And no matter what don't give up, just keep and going!

This day will come and go.

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