suits mid-season finale reaction

by - Friday, August 28, 2015

Wow! What an episode. So much more revelations and the ending of the episode.. Honestly this show is just soo good. Each episode just keeps getting better and better.

This episode was all about, Harvey, Mike and Jessica's past.  Learning about Harvey's family background and to finally get more answers on what actually happened was so good because Harvey is such a mysterious man that in the first few seasons we didn't get in depth with his past till now.

Mike's past has been the main plot of Suits. Having him become a lawyer, even though it was totally against the law was interesting, but the fact that after 4 and a half seasons he's getting arrested. About time! As much as I hate that to happen especially when things between Mike and Rachel has been going so well, it sucked that the episode ended like that. Because he just resigned, and was ready for a new chapter in his life.

But looking at it as a show. I think this was bound to happen sooner or later. Since this issue can't go on for another season. It's going to be really intriguing to have this new plot, on how they are going to get Mike out of prison, because I'm sure Harvey is the one that's going to help him get out.

But who's the one that told the police? The priest? Claire? Who?

However finding out about his parents and how his life was when he was young, was nice to see. Sometimes flashbacks are actually good to have, and in a show like suits, it's not always. This just shows that the flashbacks are important.

Jessica is a character that I honestly hate so much at times, though I have to say she is one strong, and powerful female in the show. Again it was great to see a bit of her past and her emotional side because Jessica is totally mysterious.Im just thankful she got the firm still because I wouldn't want anyone else to have it but her (or Harvey).

I really loved that short scene between Donna and Paula. For a second during the beginning of season 5 I actually thought Paula may be Harvey's new love interest and thankfully she hasn't, so I hope it remains like that because, even Paula can see how can Harvey miss a lady like Donna. I wish they would get together already!

Now we've got to wait till January for the next 6 seasons *cries*. I'm just glad that most my shows are coming back in October! Yasssssss!

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