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by - Friday, January 22, 2016

 Hiya! How are you guys? Hows the month of January going for you all? For me it's been going well, but the stress of college is just so frustrating,with mock exams coming up, it's just revision and revision all the time.Okay, I'm lying, I haven't even started *cries*. But instead I've been going to lemon pepper and sprinkles cafe again and again. I love food, especially desserts, despite convincing myself to go on diet, I will never stop eating desserts. And I'm happy with that.


So for my visit yesterday, my partner treated us to Red Velvet Cupcake, Passion Heaven Mocktail and Oreo Sundae. Ummm! They were all so delicious. I've already mentioned how amazing the red velvet cupcakes are, and it hasn't changed one bit. You'd think after going a couple of times, the taste of the foods and desserts would change, but no Alhumdullillah everything is as great as they were the first time we popped in. Just can't get enough of that cupcake.


The mocktail. A mixture of passion fruit and lemonade. I'm not much of a fan of passion fruit,but this mocktail was definitely tangy and great. I loved the sugar around, because it added that extra hint of sourness, making you squint your eyes, yet enjoy that lovely taste. Oh and that glass is one of my favourite types! I love receiving drinks in them.


Lastly the oreo sundae. Honestly you are paying for you get. I love how there were pieces of oreo in the sundae hidden away. They weren't small pieces that you eat quickly.But you actually get to enjoy the oreo biscuits, fudge sauce, and ice cream. They are blended yet not to blended that all the items are vanished into a milkshake type. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


I honestly can't stop going there. Either for desserts, drinks, hot lunch. They are just great, Masha'Allah. So far they have not failed to disappoint my partner and I. Instead we are always leaving with a smile on our face when coming out of the cafe. If you have visited this cafe or restaurant, then leave your experience/s in the comment section down below.

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