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by - Thursday, June 08, 2017

Hi, guys! Hope you are all doing well? For some reason, I have been killing it with beauty posts, and usually, beauty and fashion posts are very rare for me. But here I am with a review post on 4 face mask products from the same company. Anatomicals. I bought these from Urban Outfitters in town, and I am pretty sure you can get them through the site, as well as Anatomical's website. As you all know I have been loving the Korean Skincare routine, and face masks just so happen to be one of the steps. So I went out and bought 4 of them because they were only £1.50 each. 

What I loved about this brand, is the quirky sayings they have on the front and back of the package. It makes it fun to look at, and plus it's different from the standard instructions. After using the products two times since you are able to get two uses out of them, I had formed quite a mixed review on them; and here's why.

Anti- Stress Face Mask: At first I thought I would like this because well it's kind of chocolate. But, honestly, I did not like the smell of it. The first time I used it, it was good, it did what it was meant tot do. But the second time I used it. I did not like it. It gave my a stinging feel/burn which was irritating. But it yet again did its job of leaving my skin smooth.

Tropical Hydrating Face Mask: This product was alright. I loved the consistency of it because it was easy to apply on the face. The scent of the cream was nice, definitely could smell some ingredients like the coconut, pineapple, cacao etc. It did leave my face bit hydrated but not as much as I wanted. But it really didn't the glow that it claimed to give. 

Anti - Blemish Face Mask: Despite the previous two face masks, this mask and the one below, have positive reviews! I really liked this mask. The product was a creamy texture, so yet again was really easy to put on my face. What I loved was how this definitely did its job. Because of the Tea Tree Oil and Sage Oil, it left my skin feeling refreshed after cleaning it off, and did help with my spots that I had at that time.  

Deep Cleansing Mud Mask: From all the masks, this is my favourite one. Mud masks have such great properties in them that it really does work for a very of skins. And this product definitely helped with my decision of getting the L'Oreal Clay Mask, because this worked really well on my face. Mud masks usually give a tightening feel after it's applied on the face, and this did the same. But it was easily washable, and the result was like I said great. My face appeared so much smoother and healthier which is what I wanted. 

So as you guys can tell this post had a combination of positive and negative review. But it may not be the same for you guys. It's worth the try since it doesn't cost too much for a mud mask. Hope this helped, the reviews were short and simple, because I did want to get to the point rather than rambling on like I normally do!

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