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by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Hi, guys! Ramadhan Mubarak to my Muslim readers, I hope everything is going well for you all. Insh'Allah <3 So this post is a highly requested one, and after a couple of days, I am finally getting on with it. Honestly, I can be the most organised person yet unorganised. Makes no sense I know. But anyways! I've actually realised that I do something Instagram Theme related since I started my blog, so it looks like it's a yearly post I do. Here it goes!

I am a person that never sticks to a theme, and I will take that in a good way because I like exploring, and finding what suits me. So I will show you guys some themes I have gone through, how I did it, and what my current/go-to theme is. I will leave all the links to the apps at the bottom as well! But before I get into the themes, here are some of the apps I use (minus webtoon, kakaotalk, pinterest and youtube. But if you would like to see a "What's on my iPhone 7+" then let me know).

Theme #1: DOODLES

For the creative people out there, this theme is for you. I was inspired by Adelaine Morin, her Instagram account is right HERE. I use the app You Doodle+. You basically import a picture to the app and use the brush tool to create your patterns wherever you want to. Every picture does not need to be patterned, but honestly for the best example just check out Adelaine's Instagram page to get a better idea on how you can do it. Or if you want the link to her video then here it is VOILA. I would have continued with this theme, but I am not very very creative, and I didn't want to be repetitive with the patterns, so like I said if you are a creative one, then this might be the one.

Theme #2: Dark Monochromatic Theme

I love this theme. It's gorgeous. If I didn't post food/travel photos all the time and don't wear colourful clothes then maybe this would be an easy and aesthetic pleasing theme to stick to. How I achieved this theme was by using Snapseed.


You import your chosen photograph and tap on the pencil tool at the bottom. You then tap on BRUSH. At the bottom of the photograph, you will see some icons that appear. Tap on EXPOSURE, and use the downwards arrow to make the number go minus. The lowest it goes is -10. Then using the brush, rub over the picture and you will notice that it goes darker. The same way, you repeat the process with the SATURATION, either put it on -3, or lower, whichever you think suits the picture. And that's it. You will have your dark picture ready.

Theme #3: Frames & Scribbles

This theme was inspired by Cassie (Instagram) and Ricci (Instagram). To get this theme, I used PicsArt for the Frames & Scribbles, and Instagram edit tools for the normal pictures. Just like the first one, I can't really explain how I did it, and the best way for you guys to see it properly is through Cassie and Ricci's video which is linked HERE.

Theme #4: White Theme

This theme is the opposite of Theme #2. Instead of decreasing the exposure level, you increase it and brush it over the background, not through the whole picture, because you don't want certain parts of the picture to be overexposed. And then you can mix your theme up with some quotes which you can find on Pinterest, and some black and white photographs. I actually kept this theme going on for quite a while, and it was kind of upsetting when I stopped with it because I realised that as much as I love it, it's pretty hard for me to maintain because of the content I post, which leads me to my last theme.

Theme #5: TheThree's



This is my go-to/current theme. I am an Instagrammer/blogger that will bombard you with countless of photographs in one go, and the first 2 pictures explain it. However, the other 2 pictures show what I mean by TheThree's (not really what it is called, but I couldn't think of anything else). When I don't have so many pictures that are similar, then I try to match three photographs that go well with one another for that one row. Sometimes I will keep the colour going like the 3rd picture. But otherwise, it will be like the last photograph, which is what I am currently following up on. I like that because it still gives me the freedom to post whatever I want. Although it won't be like "take a snap and post",  but at least I don't have to worry too much about colours/settings etc.

In terms of editing tools wise. I use the Instagram tools. I used to use VSCO, and it will still remain a favourite, however, I have unknowingly now gotten used to editing freely with the tools Instagram provides. So yeah it is pretty simple. And lastly, to make sure my three pictures match, I use UNUM, an app that allows you to preview your Instagram feed without having to upload then delete because you don't like it. Basically a planner. This is really useful for any theme you want to go ahead with, because it allows you to see whether it goes well with one another, how the feed would look if you delete a previous post, you know things like that. Plus it provides analytics, in case you don't have your Instagram page in business mode, or you don't want to use Instagram's analytics feature.

That's it for this part of the post! Hope it helped, I apologise if I was crap in explaining the different themes. Unfortunately, it is not a video, so it's harder explaining through images and texts hehe.


About my photographs. There's nothing really specific that I can say about my photography, other than that's how I vision it. When I take pictures, I think about settings, colours and that, but other than that my main thought is, "do I like it". I love capturing all things, whether that's food, trees, buildings, sky, hands, anything. That is why you will notice that my Instagram is filled with everything, besides my face and animals. 

For example, if I am in the City Centre, and I find a spot where all sides look nice. I will stop in the middle and take pictures from all angles. Up, down, diagonal, sides, close up, far away, etc. It's the same with my food photographs. I love my flatlays, but I also adore close-ups, because I enjoy capturing details of things, and people love it too. Honestly, you got to think outside the box. Don't just take one. Focus on various angles, you stumble upon something that looks pretty take tons of pictures, because you never know when you need them, and also because you can always tweak it about again using editing tools. 

To be honest, I feel that I need to progress more with the way I take photographs and edit it. There are so many amazing photographers out there, my other half being one. And honestly, I look at other people's work and use it as an inspiration for future shots. It actually helps with broadening your creativity. So at times, it does depend on each individual. 

I'm sorry, I know that description sucks, but I hope these photographs help you with what I mean. Oh! One more thing, I don't use no fancy cameras hehe. I used to use my Samsung Galaxy S5, and now I use my iPhone 7+. So yes you can achieve great photographs by using your everyday essential item; YOUR PHONE






You Doodle+: App Store / Play Store
Snapseed: App Store / Play Store
PicsArt: App Store  / Play Store
VSCO: App Store / Play Store
UNUM: App Store / Play Store*

*For Android users I would recommend Preview (Link) because personally, that worked better than UNUM on my Samsung.

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