Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.3 | Mini Stop in Badr

by - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Hiya! How are you all doing? I hope Ramadhan is going well for my Muslim readers. Let me know in the comment section, how it's going, your goals or if you are facing any struggles because I would love to know more about you guys. This is part three of the Saudi Arabia Travel Diary. This post will be more photograph based, besides some reading here and there because not much happened during this visit.


So on the way from Madinah to Makkah, we took a mini stop in Badr. The first time we went Saudi Arabia, we didn't do this, and as mentioned in the previous posts, in this visit we made sure to do and visit more than we did the first time. Masha'Allah it was worth it <3 

From the name of the place, some may be able to tell what is significant about it. If not then this is the place where the Battle of Badr was taken. It is a very well known battle, as it was the first victory of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). A battle between the Quraish and Muslim. A battle that really put the new followers of Islam at a test. Subhan'Allah. 


Masha'Allah the way the city is right now is just so beautiful. Simple yet so beautiful. You see many houses around, but when you are near the centre, you see many broken yet structured houses. These houses were where the Sahaba's used to live. Masha'Allah after many any centuries, by Allah's will and grace, you are still able to understand and visualise the way everything was like. For example where the door/windows were, or rooms. 


There was just something about the place, that brings such peace and tranquility to one's heart. From the houses, you were able to see mountains and a masjid. Subhan'Allah the view was just beautiful. There are times when I will be able to describe something as much as I can, but times like this I really can't and you will find that a lot in this travel diary. 


After looking around, it was time for Maghrib. And Subhan'Allah, I really loved being able to hear it from the streets <3 


We prayed at the first built Masjid in Badr. Which looked very simple from the outside. Honestly. simplicity really defines beauty so much more. The weather was so nice and warm, and the women had to pray outside, which I had no problems with. The toilets/wudhu place, are pretty typical. They do smell and are dirty, but I have become used to that after the first visit. So be prepared, but to be honest, you are not spending too long in it so you will be out of it in no time. Just don't be fussy about it. 


(More pictures)


After praying namaaz, we went to eat. The shop was not far from the masjid, and it was just a normal take out/restaurant. I ordered a chicken burger with chips and drinks. The chicken fillet seemed like it was brought from the supermarkets and just fried here. But it filled me. In places like Badr, you won't find too many high end/quality food, but it's pretty decent and will fill you up for that time.

Later on, once we finished eating, we continued our journey to Makkah, which will be my next travel post! :) I hope you all enjoyed the, please let me know what you thought about it in the comment section down below, and if you have been Badr, then let me know that too! It is the last 20 days of Ramadhan, 10 days have gone by. May Allah continue to make it easy for, and I hope you, and I can make a good change this Ramadhan and continue it after. 

For those of you who are having exams, I pray it goes well for you, and that you smash it! To all those that are working, chilling, anything, I hope you have a good day/week. The weekend is not that far! 

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