Saudi Arabia Travel Diary pt.8 | Jeddah

by - Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Welcome to part 8 of the travel diaries! I'm getting there, guys. After this, there is just one last travel diary, and it will be over. This post is all about what we go up to in Jeddah. From Makkah, we travelled to Jeddah by car, which roughly took about an hour, so it wasn't that long. The first stop in Jeddah was the Jaffali Masjid. Unfortunately, we came after namaaz time so we couldn't go in to pray or see because it was closed. But the view from the outside was beautiful Masha'Allah. 

We were told that opposite this masjid, in the middle of the car park area, executions took place. And the recent one was mid-2016 if I am correct.  



(Love the palm trees, water and sky view)

Our next visit was the Flamingo Mall. I so appreciate malls abroad, they are just so much bigger than the one in Leicester. Majority of the stores in the mall opened after 4/5 (generally like that in Saudi Arabia). So the first hour was spent in praying namaaz, and basic window-viewing. After that, we went to get lunch.

3 FLOORS! That too so so so spacious!


We got food from McDonald's. I had to happen. I had to take advantage of the halal fast food that was available to us. 

I ordered the Chicken Big Mac (forever a chicken fan), which was delicious! You cant really go wrong with a standard chicken burger x2. Unless you don't cook the chicken properly. But anyways, what I also loved was the large portion of fries, and drink.



Jeddah is quite a different place. You see things that as 'Westerners' is normal, but obviously having visited Makkah and Madinah, it isn't normal because you don't see it at all in the holy cities. So the culture does appear a little different, but I don't know how it really is :)

W      A      L      L      A      R      T


After eating, shopping, photograph'ing. Our next visit was the Red Sea and Masjid Rahma also known as the Floating Masjid. When we got there, we sat on a mat, and just relaxed. It was so peaceful and mesmerising. The view was absolutely gorgeous!  

Masjid Rahma aka Floating Majid below (Yes it isn't actually floating, but it kind of is haha).

The time we came at, was perfect. It allowed us to see the late afternoon sky, sunset, and after sunset. Seeing the whole process was gorgeous! And I managed to capture the different stages so just scroll down below for the photographs.

As the sunset time hit, the light in the Masjid switched on, which made the view so pretty! Because I couldn't pray, I wasn't able to go in the Masjid, which would have been nice, but if I'm correct then it's pretty open beside the centre, which the prayer area is more internal. 

S     U     N     S     E     T

CHANGE IN      V     I     E     W     S


I've always wanted to see a sunset, and I am so glad that I did in Jeddah. 

That wasn't the end. We made one last stop, and that was to see the King Fahd's Fountain. This fountain is said to be the tallest foutain in the entire world (and I found this information just now whilst finding out the name of the fountain).

Opposite the sea, there were loads of food stores, one of the being Baskin Robbins. That particular store was definitely calling out to me but it could wait haha. There were so many families at the place. Kids playing football. Some people selling little toys and snacks. It was lovely. 

K     I     N     G     F     A     H     D     '     S     F     O     U     N     T     A     I     N

Whilst I was sitting, I was approached by a lady asking if I wanted to get Henna/Mendhi done. And if you guys know. I love getting it done. So I said yes. I think I got two hands done for £5 which is totally not bad, and plus the designs were really pretty. Not just that but the lady got it all done within 5-10 minutes. Impressive.


My family and I sat for a little while. and I think around 8:30/9PM, we headed back to the car and to Makkah again. I absolutely loved this day, it was packed with exploring and that is what I love so much about travelling. This is what I desire. This is what I want to do growing up. I want to travel. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post. And do look forward to the last one soon!

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